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New to the forum? I will 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow. When I went on Thursday for my ultrasound, I was 6 weeks 3 days, however the ultrasound tech measured me to be 5 weeks, 6 days. We got a heartbeat and everything else looked fine, but this makes me ultrasounv nervous! Last time I had a miscarriage, they were 6 days off with my ultrasound, and this time it's 4 days off.

Last time I also had internal bleeding, and I didn't show anything like that this time so that is good. I also had low progesterone levels last pregnancy, and with this pregnancy as well, so I started taking supplements at 4 weeks, 1 day this time around. I guess my question is, has anyone had a different ultrasound measurement in the beginning and everything still turned out okay?? I know it's common for them to be off towards the end of pregnancy, but it doesn't seem like a good sign this early in pregnancy.

I'm just wondering what some of your experiences might be with this. YES YES YES, my ultrasound was off by a week, I knew that was possible because we were using the electronic ovulation test kit and I ovulated 19 days after my LMP. But I had such a hard time figuring out how far along I was. I am not sure ultrasoind you know eactly when you ovulated, but it can be off by days throwoing off your conception date. All if probably fine! Ultrasound date different lmp, its perfectly fine.

Not ALL women ovulate 14 days ddifferent the start of ultrasound date different lmp last period. My sister ovulates on day 22 so if she had an ultrasound and they ultrasound date different lmp by LMP the baby would date a week behind. All of our bodies are different and a few days is nothing to worry about. My doctor said my ultrasound and my LMP date are about 5 days off, which he said is normal. This is my first pregnancy, but he was not very concerned about it at all and even ultrasound date different lmp my due differeht at lpm same time.

Your baby could have implanted later than you thought. I was on the Pill for 5 years before I went off I was off two months when I concieved. I've read that if ultrasoynd been on hormonal contraceptives that it slows down the zygote reaching the uterus to implant, making my situation totally make sense.

I'm pretty sure you will be ok. As long as the heartbeat is strong and your doc isn't worried, I wouldn't be. Hi Amber, I posted almost the exact same thing as you did a couple of weeks ago. I had miscarriages in the past, but we didn't know why because this dr. Ultrasound date different lmp, they didn't seem concerned. I saw the dr. I don't think my dr. Yours was only 4 days off, mine was like 11 days!!! I still worry norad matchmaking programme I dats up to a week is normal to be off, but mine still seems like a lot.

If I may ask sorry, not to be nosy! The time you miscarried when you were 6 days off had you seen a heartbeat at any time and at what week did you miscarry? Going by lmp I would be 8w3d. Thanks for your encouraging words!! I now have something new that I'm worrying about. The ultrasound tech told me the heartrate was 92 bpm. I asked her if it was low and she said not if my gestations was 5 w, 6 d. But then after researching on the internet, it looks very low. She said it should be in the 's this week so we will see at my next appointment.

I also had internal bleeding at that visit and it was determined that I was 6 days behind ultrasound date different lmp gestation. That is when they decided to check my prog. I was 7 weeks pregnant then and started taking the prog. At my 8 week checkup, there was no longer a HB and just a lot of blood inside. I was really hoping that with this pregnancy, things would be different especially since I started the pills so early at 4 w, 1 d and since my prog.

I hope that I'm just stressing out for nothing, but I can't help but be pessimistic with what happened last ultrasound date different lmp Its very common for them to be as much as a week off. The bean is very tiny and difficult to measure. Its sounds like youre doing great! It may have to do some with how long your monthly cycle is too. Instead ultrasound date different lmp 28 days mine was 31 days, so 4 days off isn't really that big of a deal.

And about the heartrate, from what I've read at 5w6d it has just started to beat and is just getting going. It should be a lot higher this week! Hi Amber, I usually ovulate around day 20 so expected to have my ultrasound date different lmp put back by about a week with this pregnancy. They put me back 10 days all xate all.

With my DS4 I was put back 12 days and he is as healthy as anything. I am currently 11 weeks today with baby 2 and have a doppler that I borrowed from my friend, dat I have listened to the baby's heartbeat everyday since about 7w 2d. The heartbeat has never been below bpm, infact the earlier I was the stronger ultrasound date different lmp heartbeat, sometimes anything upto bpm. I really wouldn't worry about being put back ultasound your dates, just take comfort in the fact that you are actually pregnant and you will have your baby soon ultrasound date different lmp Take care xxx.

Amber, I really do think it sounds fine! I've heard that I think 80bpm or 90 and up is normal for the hb and 5w6d is very early to hear it! Many people I have heard on this forum didn't even see their hb at ultrazound point, so that is a good sign! I've said this before and I still need to do a better job of taking my own advice and my dr. It causes to much stress and she said there is too ultrasound date different lmp negative one sided and inaccurate info out there.

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