Should i go by lmp or ultrasound due date

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If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately. User Name Remember Me? Nov 12th, Are you going by your ultrasound due date, ultraosund your first day of last m. My baby seems to be growing pretty fast here. Instead of March 28th lm in lmo first day of my last menstrual period. The last ultrasound tech. I asked my doctor, he told me: What do you ladies go by?

The ultrasound due date? Ultrasound due date ALL THE FREAKIN' WAY!!!!! With my first my doctor and I went by my LMP. Due date was October. So basically I could have gone another two weeks overdue from that point. I had my son on November. My second I was keeping track of should i go by lmp or ultrasound due date period, had figured out using OPKs that I had a 38 day cycle and kltrasound 14 day luteal phase.

When I found out I was pregnant I went and saw my midwife and I told her I was due June. Ultrasound dated me for June. This time around, same deal. I dated myself April. I have had two ultrasound and baby was right on track. Utlrasound both the same for us as we knew that wife had a longer cycle so counted that in. I go by ultrasound date, with my son it was pretty much the same as my LMP date, with my daughter I was put back 4 weeks from my LMP date and with this one they didn't want to date it properly without an ultrasound because I conceived straight after a MC, but the rough due date they came up with before the scan was pretty accurate.

I have longer cycles but even taking that into account my EDD from ultrasound is a couple of days out from LMP date. I happen to have a very steady 28 days cycle, I'm like a robot lol. And baby grows with a steady pace so far that is consistent with the weeks. Still it is early so we will wait and see. It depends the context. For myself personally, I go by my LMP date and when it comes to when I'd start talking about induction after 42 weeksI also plan to use this date.

When it comes to being prepared for when baby could trucos para halo 4 en matchmaking arrive, such as when we'll stop traveling and when I've ordered my birth pool for, Ultrazound go by my scan date, which is 6 days earlier. So basically that gives us the widest possible range of dates when baby could possibly arrive so we're prepared either way. No one's questioned ultrsaound or asked for a specific date, so I leave it at that.

I go by my LMP, as I know that date is correct. According to my 12 weeks scan we conceived 2 days before we started trying, when DH and I were miles apart. My LMP date was confirmed by my 1st scan at 7w 6 days and when I felt implantation. There's only 3 days in it but those 3 days matter to me as I know I'll most probably need to be induced and every extra day counts for me!

My ultrasound date puts me 5 days ahead so I am going by that because it gets me there quicker! I also think it is a more accurate way of dating. My doctor ir me that going by my scans, I am a week ahead of what I thought I was based on my LMP. I had one at 6w0d and measured 7w and another at 12w5d and measured 13w5d. I have confused as to whether I should go by my LMP or scan dates, it's only a week, but it has been driving me a bit nuts! I think I will put myself a week ahead like she says I am!

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How often during an ultrasound is the said gender of a baby incorrect?

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