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I write preferences and imagines! They are all mine and only mine. Taking requests in my inbox! Louis- You and Harry have been going onne for a while now. Everyone knows about it. Well, everyone except your brother, Louis. Louis had kind of laid out a few rules to you when it came to the boys, and one of the main rules was to NOT date anyone in his band especially Harry.

You two had been trying to keep it quiet, but you could tell Louis knew something was up. One night, while you mdmber with Louis, Harry kept texting you. All of a sudden, Louis snatched the phone out of your hand. Louis started reading around in a voice badly mimicking my own, "Harry, where are you taking me tommorow night? As in my bandmate Harry? I was starting to get a little pissed off at his behavior.

Harry- You were at Harry's house with the boys and their girlfriends. Your brother had been reluctant to let you come, but finely your whining had become unbearable, and he gave in. You guys decided to play Truth or Dare. You went over to Niall and began kissing him. He was your boyfriend, so it didn't really matter, until you realized that Harry was in the room, and you both jumped apart. Your cheeks felt as if someone had set fire to them.

Harry was too busy glaring at Niall to notice. They were talking as if you weren't in the room. You huffed and crossed your arms. I mean, at yout i can, erm, trust you. Niall- You had just left your brother, Niall's, yor. You were a bit late to the sims freeplay form a dating relationship gorevi with your boyfriend, Liam, so you began to walk very quickly to the diner you had agreed to meet at.

You felt as if someone were following you, but you simply shrugged it off. One direction imagines bsm your dating another member, you arrived at the diner. Liam gave you a quick kiss. One direction imagines bsm your dating another member behind you hooted with glee. You turned around to see your brother, Niall, looking as if someone had just given him an amazing present. He ran up to you and gave you a big bear hug.

You were doing the same things Gemma did when she briefly dated Lou. I followed you to see who it was. I was almost sure it was Harry, but it's Liam! Liam looked just as confused. He looked really cute, actually. Anyway, sorry for interrupting! Liam- You and Zayn had just started going out, and you really didn't want to keep it a secret from your brother, Liam, so you decided to just tell him. You and Zayn got in the car and drove to Liam's. When you got there, you rang the doorbell.

You need to come around more often! He then noticed Zayn's figure standing behind you. You beamed back at him. You two should stay for dinner! One direction imagines bsm your dating another member were so happy Liam approved. Zayn- Louis and you were going out to the movies. You had been going out for a long time, and things were starting to get serious. You knew you should really tell your brother, Zayn, because all your sisters and your mum already know, but you were scared that anothrr wouldn;t approve of you dating his bandmate.

Halfway through the movie, you noticed a perfect quiff a row ahead of you. Luckily, you shoved Louis's face in his lap as soon as you saw Zayn starting to turn. Zayn smiled and waved imaginfs he saw you. He got up and moved is vengelfe dating huskymudkipz the seat on the other side of you, no noticing Louis. That is, until Liuis decided it was the best moment to sneeze.

Later, you explained everything to Zayn,and, surprisingly, he was okay with it. I think this one is pretty good. More to come soon. Vote, Comment, and Request please! I'd love some feedback. Clubs The Wattys Writing Bxm Writers JustWriteIt. Log in Sign Up. One Direction Preferences and Imagines by ashton-smashton One Direction Preferences and Imagines Table of contents.

YOU ARE READING One Direction Preferences and Imagines Fanfiction Hi! BSM- He Finds Out You're Dating One Of The Boys 6.

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