Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 riley walkthrough

kaleidoscope dating sim 2

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim II is a fantasy game released by Nummyz. The artwork is gorgeous, sprites and CGs alike. However, to be blunt, the grinding was nearly intolerable for me. To get the best ending with kaleidosscope character and honestly, why would you settle for less? The only game that gives you anywhere near a respectable sum of money is the matching game, kaleidoscope dating sim 2 riley walkthrough even this averages out at a little over dollars per play.

So, before even bothering to talk to the character I wanted to romance, I sat and kaleifoscope a matching game over and over kaleidoscope dating sim 2 riley walkthrough. The protagonist, Soffie, was a singing prodigy until she became mute at age 5. She drank a potion that she was told kaleidoscope dating sim 2 riley walkthrough give back her voice, but instead transported her into the Dream World. If she does not, she is trapped in the world forever. The mechanics kaleidosccope the game are conventional for a dating sim.

Angel is trapped in the dream world after falling sick with a broken heart. She grows somewhat walkthrouvh at the jaleidoscope of entering a relationship with Soffie, but in the best ending will end up in a relationship with her in the real world. Gage is initially very confrontative with Datign, repeatedly telling her to leave so he can concentrate on his art. Eventually he seems to warm to her, even asking her questions about herself.

By the end of the route, though, Gage is actually pretty sweet towards the protagonist. When you meet Cero, he is cursed into the form of a mushroom. After Soffie helps him return to his human form, he is very appreciative and offers her favors in return. Like Gage, Cero likes to paint, but he is here solely for inspiration rather than for some tragic reason like everyone else. Honestly, Cero seemed pretty boring to me, although I think I liked his character art the best.

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Let's Play Kaleidoscope 2 Part 2 - Cero's Friendship Ending

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