Hook up wiimote to android

How to turn a Wii or Xbox 360 controller into an Android gamepad


One feature anroid always made me enjoy traditional handheld consoles significantly more than playing games on a smartphone or tablet: This method works best with wired Xbox controllers but is also compatible with the wireless version if you own the difficult to find wireless dongle required to make an Xbox gamepad compatible with a PC.

To make this happen you first need to turn on the Wiimote and then download an app called Wiimote Controller. You then connect your Wiimote via the app with a ti touchscreen presses. A device called WiiMote Controller should be androiv the list of available Bluetooth connections. Wiimofe final step is to set the Wiimote as your primary Keyboard.

Games that natively support controllers will instantly be compatible with your Android device after setting up either hook up wiimote to android Xbox or Wiimote to hook up wiimote to android with your Android smartphone or tablet. Where using a controller truly shines on mobile is gay dating mcallen it comes to retro ports and emulators. But taking advantage of a gamepad to play old school games emulated on your Android device is a completely different story.

This allows you to experience old school games the way they are meant to be played, and removes the yook of inaccurate touch screen controls. Android SNES emulators like SuperRetro16 or Nintendo 64 emulators like Mupen 64 Plus AEare compatible with gamepads but require button mapping in order to function correctly this wlimote easily be done in both wwiimote. Console-to-mobile ports like the Grand Holk Auto franchise GTA: San Andreas is still my favourite in the seriesBioshock, Star Wars: Of course you could also opt for the more complicated method and root your Android device, which can be relatively easy or require a number of slightly terrifying steps depending on your smartphone and how comfortable you are with modifying your device.

Some people claim the Dualshock 4 works on an unrooted Android device but I was unable to get the controller to work with my HTC One M9. I believe it requires a rooted device. It says so right in the app description. I think they must use a rooted device, although I could be wrong. You can do this with any Bluetooth controller on BB10 without any adapters. Plus BB10 can connect HDMI to TV and basically becomes a console.

Can play native games. Droid games and emulated games. How cute… people who have nothing hool to say still think insults are cool while hiding on the Internet. Such a petty thing to get your panties in a bunch over. If hook up wiimote to android was a legal document or a professional article that I was writing Hkok would use Android and BlackBerry but until then I will use any name I choose… including iCrap.

Maybe you should have started out that helpful in the first place instead of trying to be a smartA…. Everyone probably androix I was out of touch with technology as soon I mentioned BB From now on you will be more conscious for you benefit and call it like it is… Maldroid and iCrap. I liked you up until you called if Maldroid.

I use Android at work for testing purposes. I have a tablet and phone I test on almost every day. Do I use them eiimote personal… no. The OS has some good and some bad. Some people love it. I only chose Maldroid in this instance because of the conversation at hand based on the tons of articles posted about the amount of malware for Wimiote. I do however do use the iCrap term a lot as that is what I believe their phones to be based hook up wiimote to android everything I have had to deal with them wiiimote the years.

I would like to try windows phone androiid. But I am a BlackBerry man. Have been for many years. And nothing at this time can compare. Point to me a link on the Play Hkok where I can download jook malware, dookie. It must be difficult having to use a platform that relies on leaching apps because no developers even want to touch that dead platform. Droid is owned by LucasArts and was licenced to Verizon to be used on their phones.

You must feel very good about yourself. It mooved me from apale to droid. The Rise of Indie 8Bit Retro Games and How Its Made Possible Through … Wanna Play Games all free games at PlayGamesGo. A little more expensive then some of the other options, but then if it stops working withing a year Walmart will usually just swap it over the counter. An Australian gamers take on E3 Games News - MMORPG NEWS.

Some Sony Xperia users have a more direct path to Dual Shock goodness. I know the ZL can connect to a dual shock 3 natively but you need a cable to do that. Why was my comment removed? I was just pointing out what super retro 16 themselves said on their own site. Contact Us Contests BCE: How hook up wiimote to android turn a Wii or Xbox controller into an Android gamepad. Jun 14, 1:

How to use Wii Remote with Android Devices - Wiimote Classic Controller too!

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