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This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? BROWSE BY CONTENT TYPE Books. Upload Sign in Join Options. Join Sign In Upload. A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast Uploaded freakonomids utopianapex Share or Embed Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Recommended Documents Documents About Online Dating Service. Agile Financial Times - June Edition. Recommended Documents Documents About Online Dating Service Skip carousel. Concierghost Launches Full Service Concierge Service in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Sohn Contest IAC Interactive. Documents About Business Skip carousel. IT Support Resume Sample. Business Entity Planning Worksheet. Coventry University London Campus MBA and Undergraduate Degree Prospectus. Administrative Freakonomics radio what you don know about online dating Resume Sample. Office Management Course Manual. ITT CORP K Annual Reports Event Freakonomics radio what you don know about online dating Resume Sample.

Druckenmiller August Letter to Investors. Account Executive Resume Sample. Abkut Munoz Letter to United Employees. Partnership Agreements for Law Firms. Software Technician Resume Sample. Voices of Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania. Probation Officer Resume Sample. Sales Manager Resume Sample. A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast. A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast [MUSIC: I had been personally on OKCupid on and off for a few years And I just moved to L.

Reed is a comedy writer. Dting spent a lot of time on her OkCupid profile. The profile that she wrote wasn't really working. Like, just nothing to do with my profile, and so I wondered does anyone care at all. Like are they just looking at a picture. So this is when she got crafty. She wrote a fake OkCupid profile. The Mackrosoft, "The Game In F Minor" from Antonio's Giraffe ] DUBNER: So you set up a profile, and your name is what? And are you, in fact, an Abou Carter fan? No, but I figured the woman I was trying to create probably constitutes Aaron Carter's basic fan base.

Well, Aaron Carter is the younger brother of rwdio Backstreet Boy who dadio a brief and ill-advised. And there is just no substance there in his onlin at all. And that was what I was trying to reflect in AaronCarterFan. Talk about some of your favorite highlights or lowlights of your profile. So under the section "what I am really good at" the only thing she lists is "convincing people I'm pregnant.

LOL at the end of it. She really enjoys it. Whah a typical Friday night she is knocking the cups out of homeless people's hands because she thinks it is so funny to watch them try to pick it all up. Talk to me a minute about the 6 things you could never do without. Money, my car, my phone, keeping America American, freakonomlcs family, freakonomicz my friends, and Aaron Carter. Which I guess is 7 things, but freakonomics radio what you don know about online dating ok.

What's keeping America American meant to signal? She -- to me, the worst person in the world is definitely racist. And so I needed that to be a part of her. I didn't do it to be so obvious. You know, I wanted her to puckermob dating believably terrible. I didn't want it to be an obvious joke profile. And keeping America American, to me, is sort of code for I don't like people who don't look like me.

Seks Bomba, "It Takes Two to Tango" from Somewhere In This Town ] DUBNER: AaronCarterFan did very well. In the first 24 hours she got messages. I had the profile up. She got probably freakonomics radio what you don know about online dating times the number of messages that my real freakonomics radio what you don know about online dating got. So what do you attribute that success to? Well, AaronCarterFan's one redeeming quality is that she is very good looking.

And so Aaron Carter fan is stunningly good-looking. And so tell me about following up with freakonomicz of these replies. So my goal at that point became to convince them that she is just awful. That she is the worst woman on earth. If they asked what I was doing I said I was pretending to be a 14 year old on Facebook so I could bully my sister's friends. I would threaten to pull out their teeth. With a lot of guys I could just, I wrote gibberish, just pounded on keyboard for a minute and sent it and the vast majority of them responded with that sounds great, what are you doing on Friday?

And how many dates did you have then out of AaronCarterFan fishing? I actually, believe it or not, did not want to meet any of these men in real life. I am so surprised, Alli. Actually, I found that a deal breaker for me was messaging AaronCarterFan. Here's your host, Stephen Dubner. The Diplomats of Solid Cupid flirt online dating, "The Cuber Bake" from Let's Cool One ]. About About Scribd Press Our blog Join our team!

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