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Bad Dating Advice – A Response to Evan Marc Katz

Dating “expert” Evan Marc Katz is concern trolling you

Last week I posted on a couple of evan katz dating coach coaches. One of them, Evan Marc Katzhas really piqued my interest. I signed up for his free newsletter under a female name and I have been receiving lots of emails from him. Email marketing is all the rage and Evan is certainly using it. Ktz are his words in quotes, not mine. As I have been plowing through his website, his blog, and his videos available on Youtube.

Your excitement in his presence masked a whole ton of flaws and incompatibilities that you were willing to tolerate — all in the name of chemistry. Katz is just using different and more commonly accepted term outside the Manosphere: Another email from Katz is almost revolutionary in regards to advice to his clients and potential clients:. He continues in that email:. By being a more supportive and accepting girlfriend, you sating bring a better side out in your man.

When we find someone who accentuates the positive and ignores the negative, we feel like a million bucks. Women pay this guy big bucks for stuff that is simple common sense in the Manosphere. On his book page I found this startling bit of marketing copy about the mistakes women make that make men disappear:. I want to re-iterate this point: Katz is using basic Manosphere dating and relationship wisdom to make money from women.

Here is an important point: Men win you over by giving to you. We ask you out. We pay for dates. We ask for commitment. Reverse this order by asking him out, initiating sex, asking for commitment, or proposing marriage, and a masculine guy will feel, well, emasculated. Thus, if evan katz dating coach want a masculine guy, your greatest move is to embrace your passive feminine side.

The masculine attracts the feminine and the feminine attracts the masculine. How basic is that? Too much so for two generations of women who have voluntarily transformed themselves with masculine behaviors and attitudes. His video messages are much the same as he presents on his website. In his Writing page, he comments on the Neil Strauss book, The Game:. Distasteful though it might be, this bestseller is an amazingly well-told story about a evan katz dating coach of pick-up artists and how they manage to manipulate and seduce women.

A great look inside the insecure male mind. But the insecure part is simple shaming language that is the standard refrain for those who lack an understanding of Game and its practitioners. The only flaw in his approach is to encourage the woman to think of herself as the prize and that men are lucky to have her. Dating coaches like this are on the vanguard of attitude change and he needs to be considered a friend of the Manosphere.

I personally would be thrilled if a hot girl daating pursuing me. Why would a man be turned off by a desirable woman chasing him? I hear you about the girls chasing bit. But how often does that really happen with the over 40 crowd? I see lots of Manosphere dating and relationship philosophy in his content. This is being marketed to career women over This point has to be hammered home. All evaan goes to show you the feminist culture is lying to everyone about everything.

It gets you orbiter status. They tell women that they need two degrees, followed by careers in law, business, banking, finance, education and government. They lie that strong, independent, smart, high income, well heeled, well traveled, accomplished women are what men want. Women like that, by and large, are uncaring, unkind, demanding, pessimistic, vulgar, and unattractive. We want women who are supportive, encouraging, demure, cheerful, optimistic, and look like women. Dammit, grow your hair out.

Wear a little makeup, and some clothes that flatter your figure. Stop swearing in public. Stop getting wasted in public. Start treating people around you with kindness and humility. I can hear it now: You just want us for sex! First of all, this is how it works. If you want to attract men, listen to someone who knows about it. Nor would evan katz dating coach be paying EMK to tell you how to do it.

So you can either take good advice. Maybe you should TRY SOMETHING ELSE. And no one said anything about being a doormat. You are still the sexual gatekeepers. You still decide when to surrender the booty, to whom, and under what circumstances. You want him to lead. No one said anything about you coahc your jobs and pumping out rugrats.

We just get up and leave. I am one of the highly accomplished, well educated and well traveled babes out there—and the men I have known have always found my brains and cultivated spirit among the most attractive features about me. I do not swear, my hair is long, I am beautifully evan katz dating coach and perfumed, I do not have a pessimistic attitude and I am not vulgar.

Of course I support the man in my life. Did you approach Katz directly? You have an ad related to stock trading as well? I have been corresponding with Katz directly and he suggested the affiliate thing he katx available. Who do they hope to end ktaz with? Men my age are too set in their ways nor are they going to give up their freedom for just any woman. What do these women offer that will make us change our minds? I eat meat, I drink beer, I smoke coaach run 3 miles a day go figureand I am killing floor matchmaking masculine.

Been there and done that so no thanks. Maybe they should read the rants of nice guys just to figure out where they stand. Good writing again, PM. Katz at least evan katz dating coach make some honest suggestions to women about what men want. Honestly this is stuff women ought to have learned all along from their mothers and grandmothers. There are a lot of confused, frustrated women and beta males out there…. Red-Pill Advice Going Mainstream?

If coah want commitment from a high-value alpha with options, this is how they shall reciprocate on a continuous, never-ending basis. Just read pages evan katz dating coach the meat of the matter. Confidance and arrogance are different things. No, the guys must act like they are datiing prize. Men and women are different. In the context of dating and cowch, men must take the lead. I doubt that Katz is doing very well.

Evan is doing quite well, thankyouverymuch.

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