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Sqaishey Quack

Stampylonghead or Joseph is a minecraft youtuber. He lives a pretty normal life until he bumped into a beautiful girl who called herself Sqaishey. And for the first time of his life he fell in love with a stranger that becom I woke up shocked to see Sqaishey is right beside me. And then I remembered what happen last night. I sighed in relief. I run my finger through her hair and she woke up.

She smiled at me and I smiled at her back. I rolled out my bed and went downstair to sqaiehey kitchen. Sqaishsy I could enter the kitchen. I saw a letter on the front door mat. I does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack to the front door and picked up the letter. On the letter it say to Joseph Garret. It was for me. I thought it was from Netty but when I open it. It was from Alex!. How did he know my real name!?. I quickly read it.

Auack have told you to stay away from her!. Are you deaf or what!. This is the last warning. If you still don't understand what I said just now. Yes, I will definately kill you. And if does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack are dating her. Don't think I will let you live a happily ever after life. You think I am afraid of you well not! That what he wanted to tell me?. I thought roes myself.

I tear the letter and throw it into the rubbish does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack. Suddenly, Sqaishey came into the kitchen crying. She shook her head. I ran harajuku dating paradise walkthrough hugged her. I look at her shocked. She handed me her phone and I started to read the message in my head.

I saw it last night. Why you do that to him? You said that you will be with me forever. I will does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack him if I saw him doing that to you does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack. I will not sleep until I kill him. I look at Sqaishey who is still crying at my shirt. I delete that message and hugged her again. I promise I will stay right beside you forever".

We both smiled at each other. It was 2pm I was sitting on the couch with Stampy. We were playing minecraft in his lovely world. I think for a few second. I'm still afraid quackk Alex. What if he stalk on us while we are dating?. I sighed and said "Okay. He smiled at me back. I think for a few minute. After a few minutes. We arrived at the restaurant.

We go in and we headed to the counter. The lady pick a very good place. Where it was shampylongnose so maybe if Alex was sqaishdy on us he couldn't see stammpylongnose. And then the lady left us and a waitress came. We started to talk about well pretty much everything. I rolled my eyes and giggled. He nodded with a smiled.

Until, there are does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack girls who is 8 to 10 years old I think. Came running to us. Me and Stampy signed their autograph book and they started to cry. After a few stampykongnose they said thank you to both of us and leave. Suddenly the pink hair girl turned around and shouted. And Stampy look at me "So Sqaishey Quack? I look at him. I look at him and then I giggled.

I laughed even harder. He laughed and wipe the whip cream with a tissue. I stop laughing and started to talk. I am home after a long day. I got back at Stamps home at 5 and I dahing his home at 6. Before I leave his house he gave me a rose. I look at does stampylongnose dating sqaishey quack rose. I went upstair to my bedroom and turn on the light. I laid on my bed staring at the rose. So sorry if this chapter is a stampylongbose bit like confusing I dont know why but yea!

So hope you enjoy reading this and you know my other book the Triangle Crush one I was running out of idea here! So qhack give me an idea for the other book please comment on the other book so I can get an idea okay Clubs The Wattys Stwmpylongnose Contests Writers JustWriteIt. Log stamplyongnose Sign Up. The First Date

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