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Ddating wish also like that: Actually, Yoochun us a nice and friendly boy but he often has difficulty to control his temperamental, and always involved in trouble. Earrth he often moves to another school. Yoochun is very popular and as an idol for the girls in his school since he is so handsome. When he arrives in the school, so earrh girls follow him wii he just try to be so friendly to them. In his class, Yoochun is very respected by his friends.

Sometimes his popularity makes Yunho the head of the class feels earht because all his classmates prefer listening to Yoochun than him. But Yunho then be kind to Yoochun since Yoochun dating on earth tvxq wiki tease him. Quietly, Yoochun has married his private teacher Hyo Jin who accidentally is being his teacher in his class.

They agree to hide their relationship wiiki the school until Yoochun wil get his graduation. Hyo Jin as a teacher try to get close to him and she commiserates Jaejoong since she knows that Jaejong has a traumatic in his childhood. He eath his brother who was die in the fire and he was taken to the orphanage and then he was a adopted by a gangster that pay his school fee. But this gangster pushes Jaejoong to be a hoodlum who ask the street dating on earth tvxq wiki for giving him some money dating on earth tvxq wiki.

Hyun Jin want Jaejoong to consider her as his sister and datint his problem to her. Hyun Jin even gives a mobile phone to Jaejoong, Her sincerely attention makes Jaejoong feel more confidence and they both are closer and this makes Yoochun gets jealous. Since feel so upset, Yoochun asks his friends go for having fun in a club and Yoochun also asks Eunjung to date with him. When Yoochun want o wiii her, there are several men who fating her, as usual Yoochun get fighting with that dating on earth tvxq wiki and helped by Changmin.

In another day, Jaejoong is picked up by a gangster. Hyun Jin accidentally sees it and she tries to prevent it but she gets injured dating on earth tvxq wiki fainting. Hyun Jin is brought to the hospital by Jaejoong. Hyun Jin sends a massage to Yoochun to meet her in a garden since today is her birthday. She really wants to make up her relationship with her husband in the garden which full of their beautiful memories.

He hugs Hyun Jin and they are in tender-hearted again. In the morning, HyunJin and Yoochun are having a chat in their garden, meanwhile Jaejoong who has fallen in love with Hyun Dqting comes while holding beautiful flowers. He wants to give the flowers to Hyun Jin as a birthday gift but he stop in front of the fence and he is so surprised and sad seeing HyunJin and Yoochun wearing couple dress and looks so intimate.

He drops the flowers and his heart is broken … he runs crying in he rain. HyunJin rushed off to Jaejoong. Junsu who know about it tells to Yoochun and he also follows Hyun Jin. Yoochun and Jaejoong are getting in to fight with the gangsters. And when they are in the worst situation, all the classmates lead by Yunho are wikj to help them and the gangsters lost.

In the next day, Yoochun meets Jaejoong privately on the school roof. Jaejoong says that he is ready to be hit because he endangered HyunJin. And they are finally be a friend. Meanwhile, HyunJin is reproved by the headmaster because involved in a fighting. HyunJin resign from the school. Yoochun try to stop her. Eartg runs in the dating on earth tvxq wiki radio room and talk with the speaker to HyunJin who are walking out of the school.

All the girls in the school get shock and all the boys who are Daing fans get broken heart. Yoochun runs to the 5 non negotiables in dating yard and he finds HyunJin stands up and feels so touch with what he has said. Yoochun hugs HyunJin and they are kissing. Diposting oleh Susan Nagisa di Na 26 Desember Susan Nagisa 16 Maret Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama Beranda.

About Me Susan Nagisa I believe in angels, The kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels, But I call them friends. Gambar tema oleh dating on earth tvxq wiki.

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