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CatGenie: How to Use Less Water and Keep the Toilet Clean


Just give them a bowl of food and a pan of litter and they can pretty much take care of themselves. Not fun… Today Judie of Gear Diary and I are going to tell you all about the CatGenie. Will our cats love it? Will we love it? Back then they were always outside pets that would only come indoors to eat and play, but would go outside to use the bathroom. When I grew up and moved into my own house, I still had a cat, but we fixed a bed and litter box in the garage for them.

Of course he never went back into the garage after that and I ended up being the main cat box cleaner. Since mom or dad always took care of the litter box, I never thought about how much trouble it could be to cat genie hook up sink up with one properly, until I was a young adult. Fast forward to two years ago, when I threw caution to the wind and allowed Sarah to bring home the charming Miss Avah. The conditions were that Sarah would give Avah weekly baths, and that she would maintain the litterbox.

As soon as I get home every day after work, my first task is to clean the cat box. We use clumping litter, which is messy and dusty. My 15lb cat Max we think he might have some Maine Coon blood in him is a real slob. Most days there is more litter on the floor than in the cat box. So I have to also sweep up the litter with a broom and a dust pan. I had the opportunity to try the ScoopFree litter box several years ago and found it to be an improvement over traditional cat boxes.

But it was still messy and required me to clean out the ummm…. Not only did she take to it like a fish to water, I was thrilled with the fact that I no longer had to scoop! Jenn from Pocketables was the first person to tell me about the CatGenie after I cat genie hook up sink reviewed the Litter-Robot, but there were a couple of things which kept me from really considering one.

After Kevin and I had begun renovations on our new house in Eldorado, it quickly became evident that there would be extra space in the utility room. About that time, both Julie and I were offered CatGenie review units. CatGenie cat box and associated parts 2 Boxes of washable granules 2 SaniSolution cartridges Installation instructions.

The CatGenie can be installed one of two ways. Either in the location where you have your washer installed, or in a bathroom. Space is a major deciding factor when setting up the CatGenie; the CatGenie is fairly large, as you can see in this diagram…. From reading information on the CatGenie site, I also knew that it would be my preferred location, because utility room installation offered true automation with no human interaction.

All I had to do was hand him the boxes, and when I returned the setup was cat genie hook up sink like magic! The only tool that you need is a pair of pliers to attach the larger T-Adapter. The black hose is my washing machine's drain; the ribbed off-white hose is the CatGenie's drain, and the smooth white hose is its water supply. Installation in a bathroom cat genie hook up sink the smaller T adapter.

You have to add the fitting to the water line coming into your toilet. Hook up requires you to turn off the water to your toilet and install the smaller T adapter. It took Dusty less than 10 minutes. The White hose is the water supply line. It connects to the CatGenie and provides water to fill the bowl where the washable granules are located. The Beige hose is the drain hose.

You attach the flexible drain hook to the end of the drain hose and place it over the edge of the toilet. This is where the waste water from the CatGenie will drain. The only steps left to setup the CatGenie are to snap in a SaniSolution cartridge and pour the washable granules into the bowl. A scented cartridge was included with our kits, but they are also available unscented.

I think the scented version smells pretty good, especially since it only gets activated when the cleaning cycle is running, but it bothered Kevin. The cartridge and granules are the only consumables for this product. Each cartridge should last for approximately 60 flushes of the CatGenie and the granules never need changing. You just need to add some to the bowl to always keep the level at the fill line. They look like tiny pieces of uncooked pasta.

These granules are not absorbent and are cleaned during the washing process. Allow me to digress for just a moment. That the granules are not absorbent is both good and bad: He just does what he needs to do and hops out. The cartridge easily snaps into the top of the unit. The CatGenie alerts you when there are only 10 wash cycles left.

Next to the cartridge slot is the control panel. There are just two buttons that you use to set the cleaning cycles. I have only Avah, so once a day has been more than enough. I should mention that since there is no clock, just a timer, the cleaning cycles will run in either 24, 12, 8 or 6-hour intervals — all based on the original time that you set during the Auto Setup.

With that said, if you cat genie hook up sink need to run the CatGenie an additional cat genie hook up sink on any particular day, you can hit the Start Cycle button and the CatGenie will get busy. I wish that the CatGenie had an automatic mode that would start the cleaning process 5 minutes after the cat hops out of the box. After all, it does have the sensors to know when a cat is in the bowl. I have not been setting the CatGenie to run at different times during the day. I press the button to start the process manually.

I can be frugal! The bowl start spinning and the slotted scoop will extend down into the bowl to collect the cat poopies and drop them into the hopper. Liquids automatically drain into the slots in the bottom bowl. This process is a bit startling and loud the first few times! Water will just start entering the basin, and it sounds similar to a washing machine starting. There are various stages of operation which all have their own crazy sounds…. It did online dating work for you this process three times and shakes the scoop to make sure that as few granules as possible are also flushed.

It makes these crazy clicking sounds when the scoop is shaking itself; the first time I heard it, I thought something was broken!

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