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As per the title, what would be the best way to run my noise suppressor? Can anyone recommend something different? Boss noise suppressor hook up NS2 in my opinion boss noise suppressor hook up best used to shut up all the excess noise from your ODs, Distortion or Fuzz pedals. The NS2 almost has it's own loop in a way, which is the most effective way to use suppresspr.

From here you can go from the output of the NS2 into a volume pedal or something else and in to the input of your boss noise suppressor hook up. What about a compressor, would you stick that in the loop aswell? Because they can be noisy aswell. I'd run boss noise suppressor hook up in front of the amp and the noise suppressor just before the comp. This is a technique many mixing engineers use. I'd try to boas that fairly early in the chain. A good jook properly set noise gate shouldn't adversely affect tone, and it's the most useful for the pedals that are always on.

Boss noise suppressor hook up should run it boss noise suppressor hook up the last pedal in your chain that causes noise. Don't run it after delays, as your delays will get cut off. No it's not a bad suggestion Well one I couldn't get mine to work as well in the loop for some reason, another thing although mahbe not for him but for me is if you run your pedals into a TB bypass strip or a programmable looper. Would that be after my overdrives as well? I like it in front because it would cut out the hum coming from my pickups.

It would still cut the hum from your pickups after your bos. It cuts noise from anything in front of it. This cuts both single coil hum and pedal noise with the best boss noise suppressor hook up input signal detection for the gate. Basically it detects when to open hhook close the gate based on the unaltered signal but suppressog actual suporessor happens after the loop.

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EQD Transmisser, Mooer Lo-Fi Machine. Demo of almost all pedals in video. Suppressor on the road and your entire board is stolen before your next gig. You have enough money for one pedal, what is it? This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Okay now hold there. From there you have a send section of the NS2. Hope that is clear.

Get the best results with Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor (Tutorial)

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