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Methods for Estimating the Due Date

According to my LMP, I'm due 17 Nov, but according to my first ultrasound around 6ish weeks I'm due 22 Nov. Which is more reliable? A lot of women don't ovulate exactly on the day predicted by the LMP due date. Out of the Pool! Ultrasound, especially if done early enough. The earlier the ultrasound, the more accurate. Especially if your cycles are irregular at all. I'm with Nathan's mom LMP provides the best "typical" average of when baby might be born, but doesn't really take into consideration anything about your particular circumstances.

By my LMP, I was due November 7th. My early ultrasound agreed with that dating simulator ariane apk exactly to the day. My late ultrasound 36 wk said more like Nov 15th. But baby accurate due date ultrasound or lmp care, he decided to join us on October 29th, a classic Scorpio with a mind of his own. My cycle was 31 days long when I got pregnant, and I remember calculating when I took the home pregnancy test that I would be due on the 17th based on when we dtd.

I can't remember all the dates now, my preggo brain has not been good to me lol!!!! Like the rest of the mommies that have yet to deliver I'm just really anxious to meet my little guy! I'll use anything I can think of to try and predict his bday!!! That's why they're ESTIMATED dates of delivery. I wish we could know, too, though!!

Unfortunately, babies don't seem to know how to calculate exactly how long 40 weeks is. LMP is an average. LMP uses a textbook cycle to estimate when accurate due date ultrasound or lmp conceived, which is why it's an estimated due date EDD. Many women don't ovulate on exactly day 14 of their cycle. Those that chart their cycles or use ovulation kits most likely know when they conceived, which would be most accurate.

Knowing ovulation date is next most accurate. So i almost pin pointed the exact date. But still babie can come earlier and they can come later. It all depends on what ur body is ready to do. Cause if you baby is ready and your body isnt than the babies not going to come right than. I am pretty regular with my cycles and know when my LMP was. Am pretty sure of when I ovulated. I go by my LMP date and always have. I was TTC trying to conceive this time and had just stopped TTC trying to conceive when I got pg with him It all depends, but they are all guesses.

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I've read in a couple of different places that early ultrasounds are the most accurate way to predict. They're both guesses, accurate due date ultrasound or lmp baby will come when it's ready. HTH hope this helps. I think it depends on the situation. This thread is napping. This inactive post may not receive community feedback. We recommend you begin a new post. In Reply to FunMoonMoon.

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I'm 38 weeks and getting an ultrasound to see how big my baby is. How accurate is this?

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