Modern dating a field guide by chiara atik

Modern Dating: A Field Guide by HowAboutWe Expert Chiara Atik

Introducing ‘Modern Dating: A Field Guide From the Experts at HowAboutWe’

From the creators of the popular online dating site HowAboutWe. The single woman is having a moment. In the worlds of work, personal finances, and education, women are more successful than ever before. When it comes to dating, they're happy to take their time exploring lots of different relationships before deciding if they want to settle down. Women today, like the generations of women before them, want to fall in love. But they want it to happen organically, at its own pace, and with the right person.

Rather than listing a set of "rules," Modern Dating offers advice on modern challenges, like how to send a relatively unembarrassing sext, how to modern dating a field guide by chiara atik a failproof first date idea, and how to make sure you're getting into a relationship for the right reasons. Instead of telling you How to Win a Husband in Just 3 Easy Steps!

Frank, funny, and totally relatable, this is a book that really gets at how women are dating today—the ideal travel companion for your dating life. The only rule is that there are no rules, but this book will be there for guidance, or just for laughs, every step of the way. She was New York editor of GuestofaGuest. When it comes to dating, they're THE FIRST SIX MONTHS.

This is Why You're Single

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