Interracial dating in birmingham al

Interracial dating in Birmingham (AL)

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Preferably from white users but all replies are welcome. Can someone tell me why most white females refuse to date black men?

I'm all about preference and if you are not attracted to someone then its perfectly fine with me. I've noticed this to be infamously common as I generally date outside my race. I know there will be people that dont have a problem with it but I really want to hear from the people that have a problem with it. Parents do you encourage your kids not to date interracially? Parents what would you honestly say if you son or daughter brought interracial dating in birmingham al African American person home respectivly.

Ladies, what concearns do you have about dating black men? I say concearns because its obviously a problem in the white communities. Im looking for straight foward honest answers people. Again please keep it civilized. I have to admit it is with people who are ish. Mixed couples are everywhere and almost half of the kids I see are mixed. I live around Birmingham too. Problem interracial dating in birmingham al interracial dating: There are the Chris Browns and other guys who beat, cheat, the thug and gangster wannabes and girls don't want a part of that.

Yeah, most just aren't attracted to black guys to begin with. I have found about 2 guys that I go to school with attractive but they are oreos to the max. What about Tommy Lee who served 4 interracial dating in birmingham al in jail for kicking Pamela Anderson in the stomach while she was holding their baby in her arms? Scott Peterson killed wife Laci or the countless cases of White men committing domestic abuse against White women highlighted on 24 hour cable news?

Are most White men responsible? I guess White men have an exemplary domestic violence track record right? I could care less who anyone dates, but the blanket view of an entire group because of the actions of a few is completely ridiculous. Something tells me you don't make the same blanket judgements with White men.

Is every race pure? No I do not believe there is less crime with white people or any other race. What I said was this is how it is generally viewed. Yes, it is a shame and yes I interracial dating in birmingham al many interracial coupled who have made it work. That was the question I answered. You hear the murmurs from both sides but who cares? But i must take issue with the "not attracted to black guys' comment.

I have found in my 50 years that white women say one thing and interracial dating in birmingham al another behind the scenes. When i first started dating white women they wanted me to be their "secret". I was fine with that at first because who cares WHY you are getting it White women LOVE black men and black men LOVE white women. I date them exclusively but i still get the "i dont date outside my race" comments but emails later we are having lunch together.

Old habits are hard to lose but we are getting to a point where old the truly old backwoods racist hold that opinion and who cares? Let people think whatever they want to think. Don't limit yourself to white women in Alabama. Try to be successful in your life so that you can afford to go different places and maybe meet the right somebody. Before you know it, you'll be 50 and wonder where the heck has your life gone. Once its gone, its gone. Just maximize your abilities and succeed at whatever interracial dating in birmingham al good at, and you'll attract women of all races.

Just my 2 cents. Perhaps the more colorful replies have already been removed. The remaining ones are pretty droll. Your post was rather nice, jawanterrell I think it's hilarious when people project skin-deep expectations onto others, but can't figure out why equally shallow perceptions are applied to them. Also, what really prompted me to reply: Yes there dating divas suite retreat mixed couples everywhere, but I have noticed ALOT of women's profiles in Alabama do say "White men only" and actually seen one profile that repeated that about times.

I never saw that in California, ever. Yeah people have the types they like to date sure. I get that, but you don't see my repeating in my profile "Redheads only" or "Large breasted women only". Although I like redhair and large breasts on a woman and can be considered my type, I don't put it on my profile because I would be called a pig for it. Yeah its your type, but to make such a huge deal about it, to the point of coming off as rude or obnoxious Also since I've hardly ever seen profiles like this anywhere else I have lived, and suddenly upon moving to Alabama, a state with a long historical record of not being particularly friendly towards minorities, I can no longer count on my hands how many profiles are like this I have seen.

There are many levels of racism, some worse than others, this being a lesser form of it since you aren't burning crosses or hanging anyone in a tree, but it's still racism. So to answer the question in the title, no interracial dating isn't dead in Alabama, but neither is racial dating. As a white man from the south I think I can give some good reasons and the mentality. First and this may be the biggest reason.

In most circles it is not only frowned upon but the woman would actually be considered an outcast. I don't think it is racist at all. We all have a heritage and it is important to a lot of people to keep interracial dating in birmingham al heritage. Mixing races is changing interracial dating in birmingham al and it is greatly frowned upon.

In fact most of us realize there is really a reason black men go after white women. It's a domination thing like a trophy of conquest. Of course there are exceptions as always but generally speaking. In fact it is probably THE worst offense that can be interracial dating in birmingham al on both parts. It's considered an insult to the tenth tempat dating paling best di kl. Once the white female does this, she basically is removed from dating most white guys and will never be welcome back.

Before the personal attacks begin let me just say that what I have said is fact, truth and reality.

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