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Trans-Brake Tell-All: What a Trans-Brake Does & How to Use It

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The transmission brake has allowed automatic transmission racers to run competitively with stick shift cars. Note the separate roll control switch on hook up trans brake steering wheel dating apps for wp7 with the large Biondo transbrake button on the steering column. More in the next photos…. Summit Racing offers a wide selection of transbrake bake.

Here's one option from Biondo Performance. This is hook up trans brake more typical brake setup based upon a reworked production line valve body. As you can see, the solenoid is an external screw-in affair. Summit Racing offers all sorts of different replacement solenoids, too. This is a tfans solenoid from ATI. Summit offers over two-dozen different replacement solenoids from eight different manufacturers! Summit Racing stocks and sells these for FoMoCo applications, including AOD transmissions.

Before the advent of the trans-brakeracers using automatic transmissions were at the mercy of the foot brakes installed in their respective cars. When the trans-brake came out, there were a couple of different formats: The electrically operated brake is the norm. Many trans-brake manufacturers actually suggest you pre-stage in 1 st gear.

Immediately press the trans-brake button but remember to keep your foot on the brake pedal. Wait for a split second in order to give the brake time to engage. According to the folks at Rossler Transmissionsmost combinations prefer to the leave off the trans-brake at between 3, and 5, rpm. The ET slip will tell you what speed your car likes best. That btake, you can concentrate on driving rather than the tach.

When racing off the top bulb for example, with a delay box or on a Pro treeRossler recommends that you concentrate on the top bulb only: By pushing the accelerator after you let go of the brake button you will brale a lot of wear and tear on your torque converter, and make the transmission run a lot cooler. When the first light flashes, hit the accelerator and then, on the last yellow, let go of the brake button.

When it comes to wiring up their Compu-Flow trans-brakeATI offers these suggestions: If by chance this is not the case in your application, be sure trwns your engine is grounded properly to the frame. The Compu-Flow Trans-brake draws only 1 amp when activated; therefore, an 18 gauge wire can be used as a hot lead to the external connector on the transmission case.

We do recommend, however, that the volt be fused for safety. If your car does not have a roll control system in it, any quality micro-switch will do the job. Certainly, some are quicker than others, but ATI tells us there are a lot of factors that can have an influence upon reaction times. As you can see, there are number of things that can influence how your car leaves with a brake. The hook up trans brake news is there are plenty of variables you can work with to improve the way your car works on or off the trans-brake.

When engaging a trans-brake, it should only be done when the racecar is at a complete stop. In some cases and under certain conditions, you might want to run the car off the foot brake instead of the trans-brake. If your trans-brake shows a delay or has a hesitation when it releases, the first place to look is the transmission fluid. Low fluid levels will cause a delay in the trans-brake release. If the fluid is adequate, hook up trans brake inspect the release switch. If the switch is fine, then you should remove the trans-brake solenoid and check for dirt or debris.

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