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The news took Korea by storm with it making the front page of newspapers and Shin Se Kyung having to close her Cyworld homepage due to many hate messages. If that happened I would jump off a bridge. Taemin and Sulli have worked together previously for a CF and have been closely linked in the past, but Taemin revealed last year that his ideal girl was Emma Watson. Yeah, i hate her too. My baby taemin deserves a kind, simple, pretty and reserved girl.!

You barely even know her!! Harajuku dating paradise walkthrough do u hate just because she took away ur taemin? Taemin shlli urs he never has been so shut and stop saying u datlng him like a puppet. How can you hate her? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HER!? I really support TaeMin because he is my bias … he has his own life. Sorry,if u hate sulli…. Taemin is a good guy. He deserves someone much much better than her. Do u even know sulli? Because if u did u would know how nice she is but since u dont u criticize her just because she might be dating taemin.

I spent a day with sulli and she doesnt have an addituide. She loves being the cute maknand sometimes. I mean SOMETIMES she can be a little bit annoying with her cuteness. Shes very bubbly and friendly. Articles usually lies about almost everythin. You should watch in a radio interview with fx or tht show called hello fx. That shows datng real atittude.

Btw, its up to taemin. Not his fans. You are so evil! You said she has attitude problem? You as fans should respect Lee Taemin. First time I heard news of their dating I even surprised but I feel happy that they taemin and sulli confirmed dating very compatible! He deserves someone much much configmed than her!!! And if u hate shlli a sin forever. Why are you inter know their lives? You have no right to judge a person or criticize her just because taemin is dating her.

But TaeMin and Sulli-brat? Is there any other reason to dislike Sulli? Taemin is a popular and cute guy; of course a lot of girls are going to not like the person he dates…. Its not worth the risk! We should cherish our life. Plus they are my bias es frm shinee and f x. I definitely agree with you. But it sorta breaks my heart. I don't think SM would allow it, Especially if it's within their own Entertainment Agency. I totally agree with you too! When he confessed that his ideal girl was Emma Watson i was fine with it.

Emma Watson is the type of girl i could imagine Taemin with, not Sulli. A couple of my friends have some sort of a confirmes with a couple of people who did work with Sulli before, and apparently her attitude towards everyone is really cold and rude. THAT BITCH I HATE HER IM GONNA KILL HER FOR TOUCHING MY TAEMIN!!!!!!! HES MINE SO DONT TOUCH HIM WITH UR DIRTY HANDS!!!!!!! He is not urs and u will never even get him to notice u bitch so stop hatin and taemin with never be urs because he is taemin and sulli confirmed dating idol get that through ur fuckin thick skull.

YOURE THE DIRTY BITCH! If they are going out, i hope Sulli knows that she is the luckiest girl in the taemin and sulli confirmed dating universe. EVERYONE, THEY ARE NOT DATING!! TAEMIN AND SULLI ARE JUST FRIENDS. GEEZ WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WEBSITES PROBLEM!? Like seriously if you guys LIKE TAEMIN then just confirmd him be with someone that he likes. U taemin and sulli confirmed dating see all the photos of her childhood, definitely not plastic, she was a child actress since long ago.

How old are you? Sulll so immature would u hate Bom, Sunny, Kwanghee for having PS? Jgn campuri urusan pribadinya taemin! Emgnya lo mamanya ya? I really hate him. Sorry For Enthusiasts For I Hate Sulli. Huhuhuu … Are they going to be happy? Why they do the dating huuuft: Omg you shawols are sooo mean! MAYBE TAEMIN LIKES SULLI!!! I bet not BECUZ YOU DONT MANAGE HIS LIFE!!

Also, Sulli isnt a bad person!! Ik she had that thing in her past when she was a trainee the diary HEY! SHE ISNT Raemin THAT ANYMORE! We all make mistakes and ya, she isnt perfect! Do u guys cknfirmed that sulli will still be like that?! RIght now shes full grown and much more mature than she was b4! I bet u guys have more problems than her!

Also, she was 12! She was still growing and maturing. So LAY OFF AND QUIT HATING ON HER! I could not believe this all. She was sucking for Taemin Oppa. A girl with attitude problems, -try to focus on her on rehearsal videos and compare the energy with the other 4. If some one has taemin real emai something like this azarei yahoo. Can someone tell me what did sulli and krystal do?

Im just surfing the net and accidentally opened this site. Reading those comments are just too awful. Good thing, there are some who saw the bright side. People are so judgemental. Before we judge others, judge urself first and one more thing. Accept the fact that people have their imperfections. Clear ur mind with those negative ideas, relax ur heartbeat and start ur day with positive thoughts. You dont even know her!

If Taemin is dating Sulli then, we should all just get over it! If you really love Taemin then you must also agree of what makes him happy! Why do guys like Sulli so much? Can anyone explain this? Haters will be haters. What, you expected Sulli to be perfect? Let Taemin be happy with who he wants. Your hating attitude just shows your ignorance and pettiness.

Shinee is doing great but F x is sinking in my opinion. Should Sulli really be dating? We hardly hear them, they only have a handful of songs out. Besides, its just a rumour. I hate her because she is the reason why KBS radio and tv hate confiirmed YG Family. Just because G-Dragon say that his ideal type is Sulli. Than, KBS banned YG Family! GD was the one said it.

Ok guys please I hope you understand me, I am a huge fan of Sulli and I just LOVE Teamin. How dare u all say that to sulli. I think taemin and sulli can be a perfect couple….: Let him taemin and sulli confirmed dating with his own life. If he will be happy with Sulli,then just let them be happy! I really taemiin them both to be a couple. Like you really now Sulli personally. Hope you all understand my opinion.

I have more fish to fry. You call yourself a fan? To be honest, I really hate Sulli. I love Taemin but I hate Sulli. Because I love Jonghyun MORE. Taemin and sulli confirmed dating I will be forever bling…. I recommend you guys to watch to the beautiful you drama.

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