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A box call is a type of turkey call that relies on the friction caused by rubbing two pieces of wood together. On the contrary, this is an important call to practice because so many hunters head into the woods and make bad noises with them. If you do your part the ox call will serve you well in just about every hunting situation. They do require some maintenance and a few things to look out for.

First, the wood needs to be bone dry. The wood needs to be kiln dried before the call is built and the call has to be kept as dry as possible. If any surface water gets on the call, you have to wait a day or more for the call to dry out. If any deep gouges are carved into the wood, it may become useless. Without a fine coating of box call chalk, the call is worthless.

Make sure you bring some with you and plan ahead to protect your call. Primos Wet Box Friction. Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call. Maestro Butski Long Box Turkey Call. Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call. This is an excellent turkey call. Its hand made in the USA and is made from genuine mahogany of varying grades to make different tones.

The coolest thing about this call is that each side of the box is designed for different tones. One side is made specifically for gobblers and the other specifically for hen. This is a traditional call so you need high quality chalk and keep the call clean and dry. This is really an excellent call, great tone quality, great features and a good price. If you hunt no matter what the weather man says, you need to be prepared for all conditions he may call for.

That means having a plan when a monsoon opens up and soaks all your gear. That can be a huge problem if you use friction calls in the primos hook up turkey call reviews and expect them to work. This call helps solve that problem by coating the calling surfaces in a material that will work if the call is bone dry or if it was just dunked into a bucket of water. The coating makes it so sensitive you can really get soft yelps and clucks out of the box.

Rain is primos hook up turkey call reviews enemy of turkey primos hook up turkey call reviews. Almost all common turkey calls are operated from friction. The rain will kill the friction but the new generation of turkey calls are becoming less and less affected by weather. You could literally dunk this call into a bucket of water, pull it out and then carry it into the woods and call birds. The box is made from wood from tip to paddle and is double sided with the same tone on each side.

It is billed as not needing any tuning and no adjusting and that seems right. The greatest aspect of this call by far is how little maintenance you need to keep this call running. One of the ultimate foibles in the turkey woods is sounding off a call at the wrong moment. The old trick I was thought as a young hunter was to use a small bit of cloth tucked inside the box with a rubber band over the paddle to keep the call silent as you walk through the woods and as you get it out and ready to use.

Primos, the call making super power, makes a call for people who want a much better solution. This is their Hook-Up Magnetic call that includes magnets in the call that replace the springs and a secondary magnetic that keeps the call closed while you walk around with the call in your pocket. The call its self is a standard box call with good sound quality. The magnets in the call and the angles you can manipulate the call allows you to make perfect sounds and volumes without the worry of it going off in your pack or a spring causing a malfunction.

This is one of those last-ditch items. For when you really need to reach out and get the gobblers ear you need a big ole call like this one. The tone quality on this box is a little sacrificed and is hard to get consistent because of the size of the call and variances of the wood. I have this call and I use it specifically as a locator call in mid-morning or afternoon. Especially when I hunt from a boat, as I slip along in a vehicle or boat I hit this call and it travels far enough to reach anything in the woods.

The legacy box call designs use chalk and dry wood to produce sounds. All calls including the "water poof" calls need to kept dry because the water proof line just means that it will make a sound wile wet but if the wood absorbs too much water, it won't vibrate and make the correct sound. While your practicing your calling, make sure the calling sounds accurate. Most all box calls come pre-tuned so little adjustments like spring tension or the amount of chalk on the call can make a huge difference.

Make sure the call is making a good tune before you head out. Yes, you can primos hook up turkey call reviews a turkey with just a single yelp from a box call. Right around Christmas time every year, I start busting out the calls and gearing up for the season. Calling a gobbler downhill is almost always going to be a problem.

Walk along ridges and drop down just low enough off to hide your silhouette, then start calling. Even your footsteps need to be muffled and camouflaged. Try slipping a small piece of cloth in between the paddle and the body of the box all to prevent shaking and bumping while walking or getting the call out. Never the less, all these calls are extremely easy to use and you should certainly have one. At the end of the day though, the box call is just a tool at your disposal that you can use to kill turkeys.

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Top 5 Best Turkey Box Calls for the Money Review. Silent Carry Excellent Tone More Versatile. Not Waterproof Needs Chalk Expensive Harder to use. Rattles When you Carry it. Rattles When you Carry it Sensitive to Angle to Make Good Tones. Spring Free Stays Closed When Carrying Good Sound Quality.

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