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Home Search Today's Posts Mark Forums Read More Member List Top Posters Prayer Intentions Help Forum Rules Forum FAQ's Mini-tutorials Smile List BB Codes Help Forum Staff Chat CAF RSS Feeds Contact Us. Register here Lost brliefs Dec 20, '06, 6: What is Ang Dating Daan? I kept hearing about this Ang Dating Daan thing and caan to their web page.

From what I saw it was some type of protestant denomination in the Philippines. So whats the big deal about them if anything? Is it some kind of new JW or LDS type group? Where is your Sunday Liturgy taught in the Bible? Catholic Dude View Public Profile Visit Catholic Dude's homepage! Find all posts by Catholic Dude. Dec 20, '06, 7: Originally Posted by Catholic Dude.

Dating daan basic beliefs View Public Profile Find all beloefs by Contarini. Dec 20, '06, 9: I'm not sure what it is, either - you danske dating sites want to do a search on this forum for some information on them. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. As an American of Filipino decent, I'm saddened to hear that groups such as this and Iglesia Ni Cristo have made in-roads in pulling people of the Philippines away from the Church.

I have many friends here datibg have been a part of these groups I wouldn't even call them Christian that have been so bwliefs by them, they cannot dating daan basic beliefs the Truth of Jesus Christ. Datinb dating daan basic beliefs His Divinity, they're confused about the message of the Gospels, and they seem to be very bitter people. That's not the true nature of the Filipinos. Tonks40 View Public Profile daying all posts by Tonks Dec 21, '06, 6: OK, done being flippant now.

I suspect they may be Bdliefs, but couldn't find evidence of this. Their only peculiar doctrine is beliefd emphasis on belonging dating daan basic beliefs the one true Church, which they clearly think they are. But this becomes circular, since as I said they don't seem to be teaching anything different from a myriad other groups. It's really rather strange, although unfortunately it's not the first such group in the history of modern Protestantism!

Dec 21, '06, 3: Originally Posted by Contarini. Dec 22, '06, 4: Dec 23, '06, 9: Actually, ADD is the name of their television program on Channel The group's leader, Eliseo Soriano's denomination is called the Iglesia ng Dios kay Cristo Hesus, Haligi at Suhay ng Katotohanan Church of God Internationaland was a disciple of a Bulacan preacher named Nicolas Perez.

They have become well-known or notorious in the Philippines recently for their acrimonious, tit-for-tat debates with the Iglesia ni Cristo which put up a television program Ang Tamang Daan on their TV channel NET 25 specifically directed at the ADD. RobedWithLight View Public Profile Find all posts by RobedWithLight. Mar 31, '09, GOOD DAY AND GOD BLESS TO ALL. Dec 27, '10, 4: Ang Dating Daan I think is a new cult dating daan basic beliefs by Eli Soriano who believes he is daaan in his teaching of the bible.

This person challenge every preacher to a debate but during the debate he always tried to intimidate his opponent. He is always looking for trouble with the INC headed by Manalo. Rudy Ann View Public Profile Find all posts by Rudy Ann. Dec 27, '10, 5: Originally Posted by janryboy. Terminator Catherine Weaver, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oct 25, '11, Originally Posted by 4Squarebaby.

Its because they are bqsic not Trinitarian. The original member split off from the INC. ConstantineTG View Public Dating daan basic beliefs Find datint posts by ConstantineTG. Originally Posted by Xaan Ann. Dating daan basic beliefs edited by DJK; Oct 25, '11 at belieds DJK View Public Profile Find all posts by DJK Originally Posted by ConstantineTG. Its not new, they've been around for a while. They just gained prominence in the last decade or so because of their TV show.

But Eli Soriano's father, I believe mumsnet dating thread 82 an INC minister who then split from that cult because I think he wanted to be the leader of INC but the Manalos aren't going to give the leadership to anyone outside their family.

Bro. Eli Soriano vs. Mr. Victor Villas (RC)

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