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Thought Chaffee would get limited MM. All the other scouts got better MM. Actually Chaffee will get rebalanced world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 the new US LT are introduced. It will be completely redone. Then it will get regular T5 scout MM. Right now the Chaffee world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 basically a T6 tank stats and MM wise, only T5 thing is world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 it says T5. I still dont see how its a T6.

It has T5 HP, it was slowest of all the T5 scouts and no where near the T It had no where near as good as gun as Vk Yes its good overall but dies instantly if not used right. All it has is its highish Pen for its tier. So you can play a T6 as top tank vs T5s? Chaffee is at best T5. We just dont have any good examples of T6 scouts now. Battle tier X is t tanks, battle tier XI is t tanks, battle tier XII was only t10 tanks. Great, now most of tier 5 medium tank will have no more scout tanks before them.

Pz IV, now T… might want to grind T after this. The T never had Scout matchmaking. However, this change just made me contemplate buying back the A20 Light Tank. I talking about T or A And A20 have some of its modules carried over to T if i remember correctly so yeah, A get regular MM is good news. SUI, already available on WoT CN server, is considered a tank designed specifically for sealclubbing. Is that a super-tester gift or something annoying like that?

So either platoon with T8 having reduced MM like SPershing, IS-6,T or normal T7 tanks. I keep hoping AMX 40 will be restricted to t 4 and 5 only, but no. Yet again it has to fight T6 heavies and all. I found the AMX40 really fun and I was playing it when you faced T8s. Just play it for fun, if you know going into the match that you will be ineffectual why not make a game of it and have fun? Just do something that amuses you and if works out helps the team. Chaffee and ELC would own world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 of the time against the other tier 5 tanks.

I mean Chaffee and World of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 can solo any T5 tank easily with their camo and speed and they have OP guns for T5 tanks. Scouts are way too dangerous in their own tier. Seems like a lot of work for little gain. Another thing — not sure if they have enough tanks to fill in necessary gaps. Think of German LT line, how long they struggled to add T8. Thank you WG for simplifying light tank MM. Now I can bring a light tank one tier lower than my buddies normal MM tank and not bring them world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 too powerful tiers.

Yeah, this will easy up platooning with normal tanks. Lots of ppl see LTs as underperforming and are not happy, if you take your LT into the game. Basically, a Russian StuG III. I just love how Chaffee is the only premium tank with MM higher than usual. Scouting with viewrangedug-up maps and without the stats it had before getting nerfed is almost pointless too. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content.

Home History FTR Contact FTR FB Page. Jukelo on May 30, at 2: FrankUnderwood on May 30, at 2: Chaffee will get limited MM when the new US lights are introduced and it loses the top turret. Chad Mesiroff on May 31, at Boris Dragonov on May 30, at 8: It was the worst T5 world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 by far and nothing changed except they nerfed the Vk and T I agree it shouldnt see T5 matches but then it needs to see T matches the most.

Darctos on May 30, at 2: Dexter on May 30, at 5: Silentstalker on May 30, at 2: P, i was hoping a new prem tank since we are still waiting for the tier 7 med. My heart skipped a beat there for a second. Thought they had removed PMM frm it. Gunhedo on May 30, at 2: Muhamad Setiadi on May 30, at 2: RedShocktrooper on May 30, at 7: Muhamad Setiadi on May 31, at 3: Hernan Raul on May 30, at 2: Woras on May 30, at 4: There used to be battle tier Tier 8 scouts and tier 10 tanks only.

Faqqet on May 30, at 3: But the SUI is the SUI with an 85mm gun. Sunshine on May 31, at 7: CounterMAN on May 30, at 3: Missing from the MM table are two other premiums: Tier 03 German Pz. DemolitionDmitrij on May 30, at 3: ViktorKitov on May 30, at 4: Arthur Wellsley on May 30, at 4: Are we sure the mechanics over world of tanks scout matchmaking 9.1 are the same as in EU? Type 59 gets tier X tanks in EU, unless battle tier 9 includes tier X tanks?

Also missing from list premium Chinese Type 64 light tank, premium UK Tetrach? IRSanchez on May 30, at Whats happend with 3T France TD FCM36pak40?

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