Wnir dating show


Wnir dating show

The line-up of talk show hosts remained relatively unchanged, with the legendary Howie Chizek keeping most of the heat on during the day. The Dating Show became 4 hours of the most riveting local radio ever produced, since there was every chance you knew either the caller or the prospective suitors personally. Although the host tried his best to enforce the first wnir dating show only rule on air, there were always a few callers who inadvertently gave away the identity goods too soon, which in turn led to some serious ribbing at school the next wnir dating show. The Dating Show followed a relatively straightforward format.

A candidate over the age of 18 would call the WNIR studio number, where he or she might speak with a producer before being put on wnir dating show for the actual show. The host would be given a few basic facts-- Line 1 is Kerry, 27 years old, from Streetsboro-- and he would proceed to chat with her on air for about 10 minutes or so.

It was usually enough time for listeners to get the idea that she was a genuine contender and did not reek of desperation and Love's Baby Soft. After Jim and Kerry were through with the first interview, he would open the phone lines to prospective suitors. These callers presumably did NOT go through the same vetting process with a producer that Kerry did.

These were often cold calls, with only a 5 second digital delay button standing between them and the general public. Sometimes the clicking sound we heard was Jim killing out an obscenity-laced rant or adolescent callers who wnir dating show clearly not in it to win it. If the caller passed the initial sniff test, he would be put on hold while another caller went through the process.

Eventually, there would be enough suitors on hold for Kerry to return to the conversation. She would talk to each caller individually, which wnir dating show indeed every bit as uncomfortable and awkward as it sounds. Jim would then ask Kerry wnir dating show she was interested in getting to know any of the callers better, and if she actually selected someone not everyone didthey would exchange phone numbers off the air.

This basic pattern continued for 4 more hours: Contestant, chat, callers, interrogation, decision, number exchange. Because the Dating Show stayed on the air for so many years, it gained a cult following among the locals. We all had Dating Show stories to tell, either as contestants, wnir dating show, listeners or critics. The show really became more appealing when many of us migrated to the Kent State or Akron Zoo zip codes and discovered how difficult the adult dating scene wnir dating show be.

Wnir dating show calling a familiar voice and taking a chance on three strangers while on the radio didn't sound nearly as crazy as it once did. It was certainly no crazier than talking to a punk rock chick over a garbage burger at Jerry's Diner at wnir dating show in the morning, or trying wnir dating show compete with the Eurotrash dance music offerings at the Town House. At least the mission statement of the Dating show included the idea of actually connecting with someone else who was also at home listening to the radio on a Friday night.

One Dating Show story revolved around a contestant we shall call Denise. Denise was an older woman, with an engaging personality, a strong on-air presence and a somewhat husky voice. Jim chatted with Denise for an unusually long time, which apparently gave Denise the courage to divulge something very personal about her life. At one point, Denise had been a man named Dennis. Dennis apparently had his Little Dennis surgically converted several years earlier, and Denise replaced Dennis on her driver's license.

The mental picture I had in my head was a switchboard filled with blinking lights suddenly wnir dating show dark. The five second delay button got friction burns as Jim dutifully worked his way through the ineligible callers. Finally a few legitimate calls did get through and he was able to arrange an off-air number exchange between Wnir dating show and a man from the progressive city of Akron, Ohio.

Jim would later say on air that he had his doubts about Denise and her claims of transsexualism. A few years later, the station set up a remote broadcast of the Dating Show at a restaurant near Akron. By now, Jim was a local institution, and a lot of former participants wanted to meet him to provide updates or whatever. That night, a woman came up to Jim during a commercial break and introduced herself as Denise.

She told Jim the wnir dating show itself didn't work out, but the decision to appear on his show as Denise gave her the confidence to re-enter the dating world as a woman, not as a transvestite. She thanked Jim for treating hinton alberta dating with respect, even after the awkward turn their original on air conversation took. Jim mentioned meeting Denise on a later show, noting that she was a very striking woman, and most people would never guess she once had a different set of equipment.

Some of the hook-ups arranged during the show took very bad turns in real life. This is one reason why the host and the producers of the Dating Show encouraged contestants to meet their blind dates at public locations and to use their best judgment when it came to future dates or the sharing of more personal information. The station itself could not be held liable for the actions of contestants or callers, so the show relied heavily on people playing nicely with each other. If things wnir dating show work out after the first date, one person should go this way and the other one should go that way.

Two ships and all that. However, this wasn't always the case, and one night Jim nearly paid the ultimate landas ng buhay dating madre for introducing the wrong two people. Apparently the first date did not go well at all, since one of them was not a manic depressive psychopath with anger management issues.

The other one decided that the Dating Show must pay wnir dating show putting him together with a woman who did not drink his favorite brand of crazy juice. He called the WNIR studios in search of Jim Albrecht. The message was he was coming to kill him, and Hell was coming with him.

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