Hook up midi keyboard to maschine

How To Add A USB Midi Keyboard in Maschine

Using midi keyboard inside of Maschine software. Help!

Today's Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. New Reply Thread Uo. Hey, I have my midi keyboard Novation Hook up midi keyboard to maschine 49 hooked up via USB straight to my laptop. I was just wondering, how would I hook up my Maschine Drum Pad? Could I connect it via usb also and maschlne the Hook up midi keyboard to maschine go into a usb hub? I'm really horrible with the wiring, so essentially how would I go abouts connecting this?

I'm trying to get my Novation MIDI keyboard, and my Maschine all running properly. The audio interface that I have hooi a Track16 MOTU. To my understanding, I will be putting hook up midi keyboard to maschine 5x5 midi cable into the Jook MIDI Out port, and inputting the other end into my Audio Interface MIDI IN? I will then take another 5x5 midi cable and plug it into the Machines MIDI In, and one into the interfaces MIDI out? If this is correct, would I then connect another 2 5x5 MIDI cables and connect the MIDI keyboard the same way?

Or could I just connect the MIDI out from the Maschine, into the MIDI in of the keyboard. As you can see I'm really clueless what would be the best setup misi my Keyboard, Track 16 MOTU Audio Interface and my Maschine? If you connect your midi keyboard and your Maschine directly into you cpu via usb, with all the drivers installed and up to date they should both play nicely with your DAW of choice. You may need a bus powered usb hub to connect you interface, keyboard and Maschine. Or you can connect you interface and Maschine into you cpu and nidi a midi cable for your keyboard and connect it yo your interface.

Hope that helps some. If you have enough USB hubs in your PC, then you will have no problems hooking everything up via USB. There is no "Best set up" as you put it. The best set up will be different for everyone, depending on keyblard PC, work flow and needs. So if you wanted you could use the 5-Pin MIDI in your sound card for connecting one of them or you could just use USB.

If you use USB ,then hook up midi keyboard to maschine dont have to worry about that. Maschine comes with a pretty good manual. Chapter 2 is all about installation and set up. Page 9 specifically discusses connecting the controller to your box. So maybe read the manual? I can confirm no problems maschiine running a Maschine through a powered USB hub. Can't speak to unpowered.

I bought a midi cable before realizing USB covers it. Or is it always in maschines "keyboard" mode? Originally Posted by cmockett. Home Contact Us Terms Of Use Privacy Policy All Advertisers Top Advertise with us. Registered Office - Suite Berkshire House, Mkdi Street, Ho SL5 7HY. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Remove this ad forever by registering!

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