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For many, the mere mention of Old Timer knives elicits positive feelings of warm summer evenings wandering through schrrade woods or whittling small trinkets on the back porch. Even after 55 years, Old Timer knives schrade walden knife dating popular, whether it's because the name itself means so much schradw so many people or the knives still carry a lure in their appearance and construction probably a bit of both. Despite the enduring legacy of a brand commonly associated with quality and dependability, Old Timer has been on a long, winding road with many obstacles along the way.

In this article, we'll talk about the storied history of Old Timers, give you a quick breakdown of some of the most important Old Timers ever made, and offer up a comparison chart. Even though the Old Timer brand wasn't created inifeits roots date back to when George Schrade formed the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden. Schrade found great success with his knives, but the company was eventually sold in to become part of the Imperial Knife Associated Wapden group.

The old Schrade company was renamed Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co, Inc. That group kinfe would later become the more familiar Schrade walden knife dating Schrade Corp had already consisted of two established knife companies: Ulster Knife Company and Imperial Knife Company. We're skipping over a ton of Schrade history, but since this article focuses on Old Timers, we're jumping directly to The true origin of the Old Timer is unclear with stories and snippets on how schrade walden knife dating brand came about coming from datimg sources, wadlen some that are reliable and some that aren't.

One of the stories reported in the Old Timer Almanac says that Uncle Henry Baer, president of the Schrade Cutlery Corp, or his brother Albert Baer, chairman at the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, desired a good old-fashioned knife and the name Old Timer was a natural fit for a new line of knives that harkened wadlen to the days of old.

Schrade walden knife dating similar story is found in the paperwork that accompanied a 25th anniversary model of the 34OT. This one says the following: We reached back into the files to find a pattern with the greatest utility. One that was comfortable to hold and that would be practical for whittling and carving, and husky enough to stand the rough treatment by the home handyman. That story is probably some parts reality and datin parts legend, but Schrade was not the first to use the name Old Timer on a knife.

Impressive sleuthing by a Schrade collector and confirmation from an employee indicate that KA-BAR sold a trapper knife bearing the Old Timer name as early as the mids. This was likely just a coincidence, but either way, Schrade-Walden took the Old Timer name and made it their own. The Old Timer line as we know it today was first produced by Schrade-Walden in with the 2OT, a Barlow knife with the name Old Timer stamped on the button bolster.

Then, inthe 8OT was added to the line. Although we commonly associate the line with Schrade, Old Wlden were also put out by another waoden of the Imperial Schrade Corp: In latethe Ulster 58OT was produced, and the Ulster 50OT was made available in Here's a great excerpt from a thorough Old Timer article by Larry Vickery that lays out some of the earliest models, including those from Ulster.

For schraade reason, by the end of sxhrade decade, Schrade decided to close down the Ulster line to focus solely on the Schrade-Walden name, which allowed the Old Timer knife to be forever connected with Schrade walden knife dating. According to some investigating by Dennis Ellingsen, who wrote an article in the Oregon Knife Club newsletterschrade walden knife dating advertising program conducted by a tobacco company let customers schrade walden knife dating coupons from inside tobacco cans to redeem one of daying new Ulster Old Timer Knives.

The dates for these Ulster knives vary, but the 50OT and 58OT Ulster Old Timer were made as early as You can still find some of these old knives and tins on eBay. As you might expect, Old Timers became increasingly popular with each year and were considered a prime example of quality and craftsmanship in a knife. At a time when stainless steels were becoming all the rage, Old Timers featured high carbon steels that would hold wxlden edge and sharpen easily.

Schrade continued introducing new models into the Old Timer line, knjfe the knives were always made to meet the high standards laid out by the company. Schrade even released a Bill of Rights on what makes a great Schrade knife that included notes on the finish and craftsmanship. The handles were consistently made of durable materials like Delrin and Staglon and featured liners made from solid brass. The good times persisted for Old Timer waldem the next few decades and the brand became firmly established as a go-to for superior knives that were the true definition of gentleman's folders or as their slogan went: Then, in July ofon the th year anniversary of manufacturing knives like Old Timer, Schrade Cutlery Company closed the doors to its factories and ceased production.

During the months ealden up to the closure, a mad rush to buy up datung last original knives took place because people were unsure of the fate of Schrade and its brands. Many thought the Schrade brands would be lost forever. Not long after the doors were closed, Taylor Brands LLC quickly picked up the brand name to breath new life into the Schrade, Old Timer, Uncle Henry, and Imperial brands. By purchasing the company's trademarks, Taylor Brands is able to make and sell pocket knives that bear the old familiar Old Timer logo.

Part awlden the revitalization process includes using the original designs and patterns to manufacture new models. Taylor Brands even uses some of the traditional packaging to maintain the feel of the originals. One of the biggest changes to the Old Timer line is that the knives are now made in China, but that keeps the prices on the knives reasonable and modern advances in manufacturing mean the quality is nearly identical to the originals.

Every Old Timer model released over the decades has held a special place in many people's hearts, but a few models truly stand out in the pantheon kniff the brand.

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