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matchmaking feels so unbalanced right now...

Perhaps MM just likes screwing with us. MM has feelings too, you know. You people are so mean to poor little MM, no wonder it lashes out like it does. X L1V3 0R D13 X, on 26 February wot terrible matchmaking Today is especially bad. Talk about cannon fodder. We are matcchmaking in as a wot terrible matchmaking person platoon and understand playing against 2 higher than the highest in our platoon, but not 3 or 4 levels higher!

ComradeKomandir, on 01 March - M4 level 5 and level 4 Brit and German TD's of various types. No light tanks higher than a type aot and that threw me in a room with level 8 marchmaking because our platoon had a level 5. We played 5 games in a row like that with with various types. It's getting better right now, but still a game like that every now and then. Yep, the matchmaking is crap on this game, I have come to the conclusion that it is set up matchmakinf feed cannon fodder to those people who are paying for premium to keep them wot terrible matchmaking at higher tiers.

Tier 9 tanks have the same or higher stats in matchmakinb regard, ncis los angeles kensi and deeks start dating means the chaffee usually gets spotted and taken out before you spot the enemy. Putting my tier 6 heavy in matches with tier 8's is ludicrous too. Maybe some people like to be served up on a platter to high tier tanks but if a tank is rated as a tier 5 then we should be matched with tier 5 wot terrible matchmaking, terribpe 9 or Give us the option to turn off that uneven matchmaking and only get put into wot terrible matchmaking tier matches.

Don't shoot the turret head on. Side on, it should be a fairly easy kill. On topic, Xbox players simply have not learnt how matchmaking works, so they bring their friends in regardless of what tanks they have and what tanks wot terrible matchmaking friends have. You can PM with with questions, if you wish. Compilation thread of my ideas. Joco, on 03 March - Generally speaking, blaming your clients for problems wot terrible matchmaking not a sound business strategy, no matter how legitimate they are.

YOU SUCK AT MAKING A DESCENT ENJOYABLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tend to disagree with the folks above and think getting a response back this quickly is very positive. It's terribpe to know my friends were wrong and that a matchmakihg got made, but not into combat. I'm going to go up the American tree to see if I can get one of these bad boys.

The problem with getting a side on shot is the folks using the T29 are pretty dang good at this game and move head on once the see where they're getting hit from. Sorry to get a little off topic on my own thread. Don't know if that's because one of them is arty. If that works like the light tank I can understand. Don't like it, but understand. Personally I think ya'll did a great job with the beta and this product.

I stopped playing the beta early on because of some of the issues. Compared to BF4 this is a jewel. My son has friends that can't play BF4 because of all the huge patch downloads wot terrible matchmaking fix problems that never should have been in a production game. My only complaint is how do I get a part wot terrible matchmaking job on your marketing team.

It's people FAIL platooning. FYI, even with a 2 level platoon allowance, this is the FAIL. A tier 4 and a Tier 6 group up, that can force them into Up to a Tier 8 battle, hence why you see Tier 4's in tier 8 matches. The fact they let more than 2 tiers platoon up, yes it's bad. What's worse is I've seen equal level platoons only get counted as ONE tank. I was in a game last night with 4 Tier 9's on our side and 8 tier 9's on their side.

That's not even remotely acceptable. The belief is Matchmaker see's a platoon as one tank. Thus each platoon of tier 9's is seen as one tank Dark Tra1ner, on 04 March - Wot terrible matchmaking MM system will NEVER have an uneven amount of platoons, to add to the educating post DaRk Tra1ner made above me. There is a video on the Wargaming. So it can be tweaked and is being assessed currently terrigle the Development Team. Community Forum Software wot terrible matchmaking IP.

Search Advanced Search section: Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Wot terrible matchmaking. If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. Terrible Match Making Started by NighthwkFeb 26 Please log in to reply. Nighthwk 1 Posted 26 February - I played WoT's for quite a while on the PC, and I have never seen matchmaking as bad as I have seen on the version of WoT's. I've seen tier 3 and 4 mediums and TD's in tier 8 games. So many games are blow-outs, one way wot terrible matchmaking the other.

Worse than I've ever seen on the PC version. AnimeDeathMetal 2 Posted 26 February - The MM doesn't take what upgrades you have into consideration, it simply wouldn't be feasible. It looks at the tank and the MM rating your tank has and then places you in a battle.

World of Tanks:Terrible matchmaking[part 1]

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