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Kel gives you a cold slap of reality with 8 scandals you should actually be talking about. By Kel Fabie August 16, Believe us ang dating daan scandal we say it has nothing to do with our immense respect ang dating daan scandal Chito as a musician. Unlike Chito and Neri, there is nothing consensual about…. InBrother Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan fame yes, the one that was parodied by Brod Pete and his cohorts was indicted on rape charges by his accuser, Daniel Veridiano.

The case has been junked then reopened, ang dating daan scandal as of present, is still languishing in the courts despite the presence of a warrant of arrest against him that has yet to be served. If he is guilty, this is a scandal that would rock his church, especially with his undeniably sexist view that women should not be allowed to preach the word of God the reason for the schism with the first church he was a part ofcoupled with his standard-issue condemnation of homosexuality. If he is innocent, this is a scandal of clear religious oppression, given that the case against him has already ang dating daan scandal junked, but then Justice Secretary Gonzales insisted on re-filing the case against him, not to mention the attempt to make it seem like the Interpol itself was looking for him.

Impact on the Common Pinoy: Negligible if you are not a member of Ang Dating Daan. High-ranking AFP officials were taken to task for it, which directly resulted in General Angelo Reyes committing ang dating daan scandal when he was compelled to testify regarding the matter. To this very day, the money has yet to be recovered, and the most that could be done was to shame Timothy Garciaone of the high-profile sons of former comptroller General Carlos Garcia, for acting like a spoiled privileged child while he enjoys the fruits of plunder.

Tim Garcia was the Jeane Napoles before Jeane Napoles came along. Stories showed that Garcia was living a life of privilege and luxury from allegedly ill-gotten wealth, and hanging out with the likes of the equally controversial Bryanboy. Pinoys were outraged at the ostentatious display and privileged whining, but quickly forgot about the whole thing after General Angelo Reyes took his own life.

Where do we even start? When former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cancelled the contract, all investigations ang dating daan scandal the matter were immediately dropped. Call it a firstworldproblem all you want, but when even some of the poorest of the poor among us enjoy a spot of Ang dating daan scandal on a regular basis, this could have been a boon not just to the corporate Filipino world, but to the common Juan, ang dating daan scandal that matter. Thanks for mucking that up, guys!

Ina bitterly-contested presidential race between Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ang dating daan scandal the late Fernando Poe, Jr. And then for unrelated reasons, tapes of supposed phone conversations between GMA and Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano were leaked to the public, which pretty clearly implied that GMA rigged the elections in her favor. FPJ, on the other hand, passed away.

GMA was the only president to achieve a negative net satisfaction rating from the quarterly Social Weather Station SWS surveys. With next to no prior consultation with people who would be qualified to address the matter, the government passed the Cybercrime Law on 12 September, to minimal dissension from public officials, with the notable exception of Senator TG Guingona.

Netizens were alarmed by the law because of its draconic take on libel, as well as its takedown clause that completely bypasses due process. Much like the RH Law, the Cybercrime Law is still in limbo, and multiple attempts at making a less oppressive but similarly protective law for online activities are being made as we speak. We are now more vigilant about upcoming laws that directly affect us, resulting in an attempt to crowdsource laws, also spearheaded by Senator Guingona.

If only we were all just as vigilant about more important things the way some of us are about defending Chicser from their haters, huh? This just in, actually. Completely ignoring years of peace talks and negotiations, MNLF head Nur Misuari is attempting to secede from the Philippines. In the coming weeks, expect military action to possibly be an option, thereby affecting everyone who has military relatives, lives in Mindanao, or has friends or family in Mindanao.

Everyone not directly affected would feel the effects this new snag in peace and order through ang dating daan scandal advisories from other countries paranoid about the Mindanao situation. We always knew our tax money was being screwed around with, but we had very little concrete ideas about how it happens until the PDAF scandal erupted this year: All eyes turned to Janet Lim-Napoles, as her name has been tied to a big chunk of these so-called ghost projects, and she is currently on the run.

If this has been going on for so long And it most likely has. This impacts every single one of us right now, and we have every right to be outraged: Let this be a sobering reminder that in the middle of all the Pinoy outrage we have to spare for random trivial issues, the dearth ang dating daan scandal furor we seem to have over far more important issues make us collectively seem like we have no idea what our priorities should be.

We owe it to ourselves. The Scandals that Made the Internet Explode This Week Edition. You are misinform and trying to destroy eli reputation. Matagal nang close ang kaso na yan dahil napatunayan na Hindi totoo at walang ebidensya ang nagaakusa sa kanya. Kaya lamang nabubuhay ang kaso na yan eh dahil sa lakas ng influence ng INC na si sec. Gonzales pa nariyan sa DOJ. Alam mo ba Kong gaano karami ang demanda ng Iglesia Manalista sa kanya. Yung Viridiano na iyon ay tiniwalag dahil sa ganoon ang ginagawa.

Kinuha nman ng INC para mayroong sasabihing umalis sa Ang dating daan scandal at pumunta raw as kanila. At totoo nga ang komiks na ang dating daan scandal patungkol kay eli na kayo pala ang nagpapakalat vizio 2.0 sound bar hook up mga Manalista ayon mismo sa dating Ministero na si Abner na umalis sa inyo.

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