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Antenatal Screening and Diagnostic Tests

Others prefer to early dating scan nz that their bodies and their babies will cope with the normal process of pregnancy and find these tests intrusive and anxiety producing. At one of your first pregnancy check-up visits, your LMC will give you a form to take to your local medical laboratory so datiny can have your blood and urine tested. If you have already had your blood tested before you Register with an LMCyou and your LMC can request that your doctor forwards a copy of the results instead of having these tests datiing again.

Ultrasound is a form of non-ionising radiation. It has not been shown to be harmful to pregnant women early dating scan nz their scann babies, but are phelous and lupa dating has it been proven to be safe. Many research studies have shown that routine scanning of women whose pregnancies are progressing normally does not lead to healthier babies or fewer problems during labour and birth.

Many parents find ultrasound scans reassuring and entertaining — however if you choose to have a scan you need to be prepared for the possibility that the information it reveals about your baby that may not be so reassuring. This dwting a blood test that is taken when you are between 9 — 13 weeks pregnant that measures a couple of blood proteins and a Nuchal Translucency ultrasound scan when you are 11 — 14 weeks pregnant. You may be asked to pay a surcharge for this scan.

The results of these test are combined with information about your age and weight to calculate the risk of your baby having Down Syndrome. Home MAMA Maternity ABC A. Early Pregnancy Confirming your pregnancy Early Pregnancy Symptoms Miscarriage B. Choosing a Midwife or Doctor Who can be a Lead Maternity Carer? What services early dating scan nz Lead Maternity Carers provide? Questions you can ask to help you choose an LMC Birthplace C.

Planning your Labour and Birth Birth Plan E. Antenatal Screening and Diagnostic Tests. Antenatal Screening and Diagnostic Tests wpadmin T What does the test or procedure involve? Does it carry any risks for me or my baby? Will I need to pay for na test? How accurate is the test? What is the sxan of error or rate of false positive or false negative results for this test? How long will it take for me receive the test results and who will report early dating scan nz to me? What would a positive result mean for me and my baby?

What treatment would be recommended and how would it affect the care I receive from my LMC? What is the likely outcome if you choose not to have the test? Blood and Urine Testing At one of your first pregnancy check-up visits, your LMC will give you a form to take to your local medical laboratory so you can have your blood and urine tested. Your urine is tested to check for bacterial or fungal infection.

Your blood can be tested to check for any of following: Rhesus Factor — earrly discover whether the Rhesus factor is present in your blood. If you have the Rhesus factor most people do you are Rhesus positive. If you do not have the Rhesus factor you are rhesus negative. White blood cell count — to check for infections. Full Afrointroduction free dating site Count, Folates and B12 — The levels of iron, folates and B12 in your blood are measured because deficiencies in any of these can lead to anaemia.

Hepatitis B — to check whether you have antibodies to this virus, or are a carrier. If you are a carrier you may pass this infection on to your baby. Rubella German measles — to check whether you have antibodies to this virus. If you have no rubella antibodies you need to be careful to stay away from people with this virus during the first 16 weeks of your pregnancy. If you catch Rubella at this time it can cause miscarriage or severe congenital abnormalities in your baby. VDRL — to check for sexually transmitted infections e.

HIV-AIDS — to check whether you have the virus that can cause AIDS. Ultrasound Scanning — this procedure produces a moving picture of your baby on a television-like screen and should only be performed by a radiologist or sonographer. In New Zealand there are rating laws covering the use of ultrasound during pregnancy etc. Procedures that use ultrasound scanning.

Confirmation of pregnancy — Increasing numbers of women are being referred for an ultrasound scan to confirm their pregnancies. If you have had a positive pregnancy test you are datinng there is no need to expose your rapidly growing baby to ultrasound early dating scan nz to confirm that you are pregnant. Prediction of due date — Sometimes women are totally unsure of when they became pregnant.

An ultrasound scan during the first weeks of pregnancy can reasonably accurately assess the age of your growing baby. Chorionic Villus Sampling and Amniocentesis — use ultrasound as a guide to minimise the risk of harm to your baby during these procedures that check for congenital abnormalities in the growing baby. Anatomy Early dating scan nz — is performed between 18 — 20 weeks of pregnancy to check for growth and physical development abnormalities. This scan can also detect about half of all genetic syndromes that include physical abnormalities.

Third trimester ultrasound scans — are mostly performed to follow-up potential problems that were picked up during the week anatomy scan or to monitor the growth of a baby who appears to be too small or too large for gestational age.

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