Glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating

The rhythmic click-clacking of Santana's heels echoed through the halls as she made her way down the halls of McKinley. She knew how to silence a room: She was Santana Lopez afterall, aka Head Bitch In Charge. Quinn may have been head Cheerio, but she had McKinley High wrapped around her finger. But her heart already belonged to someone. The girls scattered like mice from the Latina and she strutted a path through the hall. She joined datinf other cheerleaders gathered around Quinn's locker, which was the famfiction meeting place for the Cheerios now.

Brittany smiled at her and Quinn acknowledged her with a nod. The younger Cheerios knew better than to say anything; Santana was annoyed by fanfictkon the sound of their voices, and they did not want to piss her off. She leaned against her locker. What's it to you? They left, showing how much authority the cheerio glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating had in this school. The other Cheerios knew Santana was a lesbian, but it seemed the rest of the school didn't.

Even the younger ones fanciction heard fanfictkon about it from time to time, but were too afraid to ask the fiery-spirit if they were true since the last guy that asked went missing a day later. When hardwarezone dating agency we meet her? Me and Q gotta bounce, too. Brittany kissed the girl on the forehead and smiled.

The other cheerios waved goodbye and set off in the other direction. Quinn stared at Santana as they walked, causing the Latina to look at her curiously. Quinn narrowed her eyes and put her hands in the pockets of her letterman jacket. I ffanfiction handle them. I gots this, mmkay? The dark-haired girl opened her eyes and Quinn let out a silent gasp at who it was. None other than the great Rachel Berry.

Her books had scattered over the floor and her tiny frame was laying awkwardly on the speed dating townsville queensland. Rachel looked up at her girlfriend with embarassment and she picked up her things. Quinn frowned at her friend and helped the little brunette up. They hesitantly dispersed one by one until she shouted at them, "I said now! The hallway was pretty much empty and she expected Santana to apologize. Quinn sighed as she watched her leave and turned to Santana with a glare.

As the small singer's best friend, Rachel told her everything. You don't know what you're talking about. Ahd one of the best actors that have ever come into McKinley; don't you think she could hide it if she wanted to? Quinn had a point. Santana hadn't seen Rachel all day, but knew where she would be: As she neared fsnfiction room, the sound of a singing piano grew louder and louder.

Santana stood in the doorway and looked around. The room was empty, except for a purple piano and a football player and small brunette behind it. Rachel was practicing "Jar of Hearts" for a new solo and got so involved in her work, fanfictjon didn't notice the Latina when she came in. Santana walked to the piano and stood over Rachel for a while before clearing her throat.

Finn watched her curiously and looked back at Rachel, who hadn't moved. Rachel stopped playing and looked up at the much taller girl. This made Santana frown and even Finn frowned a little. The Latina put her hands on her hips and huffed. The boy shrunk back at her tone Rachel's expression didn't change as she turned around to face her girlfriend.

Her arms rchel to her sides and the girls held eye contact. The Latina saw a mix of anger, betrayal, and confusion in the brunette's eyes. The tension coming from the two girls was heavy. He got up awkwardly and walked out of the room, but neither girl broke eye contact to watch him leave. The soprano stopped in her tracks and looked down. She rolled her eyes with a groan. I have somewhere to be.

Something clicked in Santana's brain and her feet started moving again. She trailed the New Directions' most enthusiastic member and found her putting things away in her locker. Her voice was saantana gentler than before. She stared at it and avoided her girlfriend's gaze. She looked around nervously before kissing the other girl's forehead. You know I'm not like this. One minute you love me, the next you're in Queen Bitch glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating and treat me like I'm worthless.

She held the smaller brunette's face in her hands. I have feelings, too. And even though you act like you're this untouchable person made of stone, I know you have feelings for speed dating winterthur, too. She pushed away from Santana's embrace, which hurt both girls. I want us to be as open as the next glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating The pained look in Rachel's eyes broke Santana's heart.

Santana thought about it for a moment. Right here where everyone could see? She wanted nothing more than to tell her yes and end this whole thing. But the truth is, she still was afraid. She was afraid of the looks they would get, the whispers behind their backs, of what people would think and how much it would anger them.

Rachel's heart broke at the silence and she gave up. I'm tired and I don't have time to deal with this. She always drove Rachel home so they could make-out after school. Glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating least, that was her excuse at first, but she really liked the alone time with Rachel. It had been getting harder and harder to find some time to themselves, and now. Especially since Rachel was pissed at her.

Rachel let a few more tears fall before reaching Mercedes' car in the parking lot. The two divas locked eyes and Mercedes knew what was wrong. Mercedes got in the driver's seat and the doors shut. You're a good friend. Rachel leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes as the glass cooled her forehead. Santana sped home with an urgency. Her knuckles had turned white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly and probably glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating return to their normal color for three weeks.

She left skid marks on the driveway that she was sure she'd hear about later but jumped out the car and went up to her room. She was the only one home. Once she was behind her door, her safe place, she let her walls downs and sunk to the ground. Tears filled her eyes as she scrolled through her messages and found the last one Rachel sent her:. Why can't you be honest with them? Are you not happy with me? I don't want to hurt you, but you have to realize that you're hurting me too.

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