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The StarCraft II ranked ladder is one of the most challenging and competitive arenas in the video game world. Many enter, and only a few rise to the top. In order to be the best, you have to be able to track your progress and know how you stack up against the competition. There are two primary matchmaking rating sc2 behind the revamping of the StarCraft II ladder system: We believe the following changes, coming in Patch 3.

The first major change is displaying your matchmaking ratlng or MMR. After you complete a ranked match, the Matchmaking rating sc2 tab will display MMR adjustments for you and your enemy along with a new progress bar that will display how close or far you are towards a promotion. Note that mtchmaking bar represents matchmaking rating sc2 progress within your current tier, and not the entire league.

For example, a player in Silver Tier 1 would be closer to a promotion into Gold than a player in Silver Tier 2 or Tier 3. This new distribution is for all game modes and game versions, not just 1v1 or Legacy of the Void. For any ladder system to be effective, those xc2 earn their way to the top must truly be the best of the best. Top players will have to compete more frequently if they want to hold on to their spots high up on the StarCraft ladder.

Besides maintaining a high enough MMR, Grandmaster players will also matchmaking rating sc2 to play at least 10 games every 3 weeks to retain their spot. Additionally, every day at 5: This change ensures that on any given day, only the best and most active players will be in the Grandmaster League. Grandmaster League differs matcgmaking the other leagues in that the rankings are based purely on MMR, rather than on Division Points. Every day, players will have the opportunity to fight their way into Grandmaster by competing in a new Contender ladder — a provisional battlefield where prospective GM candidates can claim limited spots for promotion.

The Contender ladder holds players overall, and teams in Archon Mode. The Grandmaster demotions will occur at matchmaking rating sc2 What would a Blizzard revamp be without shiny, new visuals? The StarCraft II Ladder Revamp is coming in Patch 3. Log in now to enhance and personalize your experience! Loading Comments… An error has occurred loading comments.

The Starcraft Update - Major Ladder Revamp (MMR/Promotion Changes) [July 2016]

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