Dating hondo ii guitars

Workin’ for the Weekend. No really! (The Story of Hondo Guitars)

The Mysteries of the Hondo Guitar

The Mysteries of the Hondo Guitar. Tuesday, 20 January Solving the Mysteries of the Hondo Guitar. Posted by Simon Hitchenson at Honeo to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Wednesday, 14 January Hondo Deluxe Series H Revival H, Fame H, Harmony H, Antoria EG Solving the Mysteries of the Hondo Guitar. Hondo Professional Series Pickguard and knobs likely replaced. Knobs and pickguard likely replaced No binding inside f-holes.

Hondo II logo and Professional emblem No binding on neck or headstock Nut appears to be brass. Maiden Guiyars ad from Guitar is a vintage sunburst professional model Lady is unclothed. Deluxe H with mis-stamped headstock Note dzting of binding on f-holes daging neck. Pickups are PAF replicas, not DiMarzio Note the smaller ABR-1 style bridge. Original knobs with "turret" tops Note lack of binding on f-hole.

Inner label with c International Music Corp text The f-hole "binding" is actually white paint Photo is of my personal H Dating hondo ii guitars Series stamp in the wrong place Tuners have been replaced. Headstock missing Deluxe stamp altogether The gold hardware suggests it was simply forgotten. H in vintage subnburst Deluxe stamp missing again from headstock Pickup is bondo, not gold, so is likely a replacement.

Smaller ABR-1 style bridge still present Top is not flamed on vintage sunburst model. Neck construction appears to be mahogany Generic Hondo tuners can be seen Gold hardware in keeping with Deluxe Series. Deluxe H in lightburst 2 knobs replaced Has unusual bridge and potentially replaced guard. Seville S Many features shared hondoo Hondo Hs. Headstock shape same as Hondo Video on YouTube shows this better. Deluxe H in Cherry finish Note f-hole, neck and headstock binding.

Bound Deluxe H with non-original knobs Note larger bridge, pickup datibg and lack of flame Pickguard has yondo removed. Bound Deluxe H headstock Binding also extends to the headstock perimeter Tuners may be original as several shapes were used. HWA sticker Flame is missing from rear as well as front. Deluxe H with aftermarket "Bigsby" trem Note the flame top, though facing in the opposite direction to the Deluxe Tuners appear to be Grovers as per Revival model, unsure if original.

Deluxe in less common lightburst Tuners appear to be Grovers, unsure if original Larger pickguard extends to the bridge. Flametop Revival H in lightburst Unusually fitted with ABR-1 style bridge. Cherry Revival H with flame finish Sticker and model numbers are still the same. Serial number matches Tokai, Dating hondo ii guitars tuners appear to be dating hondo ii guitars. Cherrburst Revival H with flame top and double binding Hardware is gold Originality of knobs is up for debate.

Cherry Revival H with flame top and double binding Hardware is gold but knobs are black. Cherry Revival H flame Pickup covers are clearly gold. Neck made of lighter wood than Deluxe Series Likely maple neck. Revival logo Hondo logo is underneath to the right. Hondo Fame H Seemingly identical to it's Revival cousin. Fame H with Made in Korea sticker Serial number different from Tokai due to second digit. Neck appears to be maple Grover tuners remian. Fame logo replaces Revival logo Hondo name is underneath to the left.

Double-slug, non-adjustable pickups Nashville style bridge and oversized dating hondo ii guitars present. Antoria Solidtop - possibly a mistake? JL Music text evident. Antoria EG without Rock-Star guitas Pickguard and pickup surrounds hojdo changed. Serial numbering same as Revival Guitar Serial number suggests Schaller style tuners evident.


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