How to fix mw2 connecting to matchmaking server

Stuck at 'connecting to matchmaking server'. Help!

I can't get online with COD:MW2!

Hey guys, I've been having this problem for a few days being now. Every time I try to connect how to fix mw2 connecting to matchmaking server a game on MW2, it just gives me the "Connecting to matchamaking server And it doesn't move, ever. I deleted all my savegames, as I had been hacked it unlocked everything online However, this did nothing. I have also tried connecting on another profile Which has never played MW2 beforehowever the same problem occured.

I have turned my router off, and have tried reenetering my network settings multiple times, to no prevail. When trying to enable UPnP on my Ps3, it just says it's "not avaliable", even when it is enabled on my internet router. I will search for ways on how to fix this. Yea im experiancing the same problem one day i was playing perfectly fine then the next day this occured and i slept until the next day and it was still there.

I played for more 2 or 3 hours with no problem. Seems like it's a "luck of the draw" situation. When I was complaining about not being able to connect a friend of mine connected in seconds I'm having this issue too. Bought my PS3 last weekend from a local store, was a pre-owned console but all settings and everything had been cleared. Set up my new user, how to fix mw2 connecting to matchmaking server out my network settings, i've got type 2 NAT Open in the MW2 lobby yet it can't find any games.

I tried it Tuesday night, last night and this morning and haven't been able to get on at all, even after leaving it for minutes. I've rebooted my router a few times, rebooted my PS3, deleted the game data, checked i'm on 3. It's clearly nothing to do with my ports or UPnP as Special Ops was fine, no issues what so ever.

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By iiPink Posts 13 Send message Add contact. MW2 "Connecting to matchmaking server Updating Rank and Unlocks Connecting to matchmaking server I am open to any ideas, as I'm clueless. Another note, I how to fix mw2 connecting to matchmaking server to Black Ops fine. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Sign in to add a comment.

View our house rules for posts. Email me when someone replies. No one can help me? MW2 is rather badly hacked at the minute so I how to fix mw2 connecting to matchmaking server want to play it anyway: What NAT type do you have? Do an internet connection test on PS3 to find out. The error will lie on Activision's side not yours most likely. The usual solution for this is to check back in a couple how to fix mw2 connecting to matchmaking server hours or possibly tomorrow morning.

Renegade, My NAT type is 2, however - my UPnP is "Not avaliable", dating sites for widows over 60 though when I set-up my connection I set it to Enabled, not sure why. Also, I am aware of all the hacking, however I am not too fussed as I enjoy myself more on MW2 than Black Ops. Dannehkins, I've had this problem for about a week now. One night I was playing completely fine, and then the next morning this problem occured.

I've let it try to connect for over an hour, however nothing happened. Anyone else play MW2 that is experiencing similar difficulties? It may be that there are problems with the servers Having just had a look about on the net, there is one suggestion that worked for others but not sure how: S UPnP needs to be enabled. If it is not available after you have enabled it try shutting down the router and ps3 and unplug both for around 5 mins. Set the internet connection up again then The above is the advice I seen posted My advice?

Go to your router configuration page and check to see if UPnP enabled on it. Not sure where that page is? Google the name of your router and 'configuration page'. See how you get on with that: Thanks for the advice Renegade, I will try that now and I will get post back with results.

CSGO "Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable" FIX!

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