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Pinch Hopper, If I'm not mistaken, forbidding your members to eat Halal foods is a halal ang dating daan of your doctrine. I want to know more about this. Here are my questions: What do you mean by Halal foods? Again, would you promise me that your intentions here are really for curiosity's sake?

Because the Scriptures would not allow me to give it to "dogs" Matthew 7: If yes, I will post a discourse about that, as long as you will abide in our agreement. What do you mean the Scriptures would not allow you to give it to "dogs"? I don't don't see any dog here, do you? You don't deserve to know it. I have already given that answer to one of your allies not in this forum.

It's your problem now. Anyway, i'll give nakngtupa a chance if he's really interested to know the reason why eating Halal meats are prohibited in the Church. I'm still interested, Pinch. Texnolyze, let's give Pinch a chance to enlighten us. I challenge you to prove to us otherwise. Because in Isaiah Eli Soriano, that he halal ang dating daan ready to change whatever is wrong to make things right. He too learns from his own speeches, that he is unable to know those by himself.

Halal ang dating daan not praising Bro. Eli, but I want to inform you that if ever there will be a Church in the world which is better than where we are Church of God, Internationalhe himself will leave it and will join that Church after he have proven it for himself. After my post in "Holy Supper", I'll post here regarding "Halal" afterwards. Just be patient, for I'm VERY VERY busy!!!

Sorry kung medyo out of the topic ito: Akala ko ba "Members Church of God International"? I don't know if there's a need for me to entertain these kind of questions. We are "Members of the Church of God, International" and we are in "Church of God, International". Anyway, the "Halal" thing is up next, so halal ang dating daan me ample time to research.

This is for the benefit of nakngtupa as requested. I'm not intending to post this for uncivilized creatures who keep on babbling useless matters. I hope I haven't thrown this one to dogs or swines. HALAL Goods - Prohibited for MCGI? Haram There are little misunderstandings that arises regarding Halal goods. Since Halal is a Muslim terminology, we could get the meaning from their own resources.

Halal is an Arabic word which means "lawful". Muslims are expected by Allah to eat Halal things. The contradictory word for Halal is Haram, meaning "unlawful". Therefore, foods are classified by Muslims to be either Halal or Haram. Here are excerpts from the Holy Quran as they call it that explains what halal ang dating daan Muslims eat. Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil. He is an open enemy for you.

Eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is indeed He Whom ye worship. These Halal foods can be safely eaten by a Muslim. I just want to correct your misconceptions regarding Halal. If Halal is prohibited for an MCGI, then halal ang dating daan cannot eat fish, fruits, grains, etc, but a non-Halal food, Haram. The only thing that requires blessings in the name of Halal ang dating daan are animals such as cows, sheep, goats, deer, moose, chickens, ducks, game birds, etc.

Then as their way of thanking Allah for that, they will verbalize a blessing which contains the name of Allah. The meat now becomes Halal, like others which doesn't undergo the process of Zabihah. Here is our current understanding regarding "Halal". Since we MCGI do not worship Allah, we regard those blessed "meats" as food sacrificed to idols false gods. There's a verse that prevents us from eating such foods, which is in Acts Co-MCGIs, correct me if I'm wrong regarding this matter Yes, we already know that Halal foods refers to all foods that are safe for Muslims to eat.

Since we do rice product from grainswe're consequently eating foods that are allowed for Muslims, but not necessarily mean that it's also unallowed by our God. Now, is it really bad for us to eat Halal foods? The whole chapter 8 of I Corinthians contains St. Paul's response to the Church members regarding foods offered to idols Read it comprehensively.

Let's now see the verse where you might conclude that it's okay to do it. Verse 9, "But halal ang dating daan lest anywise this your right to eat itself be a stumbling-block to the weak. Look what happened to the assembly in Pergamos. There's someone named Balak who encourages them to eat foods offered to idols that made Israelites to stumble Rev.

Why then if we have the right to eat foods offered to idols and yet it is strictly prohibited for an MCGI to halal ang dating daan it? Here is I Cor. Do I have a basis in this? Let's read Romans All things indeed are pure; but it is evil to that man who eats while stumbling in doing so. It is right not to eat meat, nor drink wine, nor do anything in which thy brother stumbles, or is offended, or is weak. It is alright for MICs to make such advises for MCGIs not to eat meats with a "Halal" mark on it just for the sake of the souls who believe that eating such.

So, if ever "Halal" meats are prohibited to us, there's no reason for us to argue more about it. Have Halal ang dating daan condemned INCs for eating "Halal" goods? I think I haven't done that yet. So there's no reason for us to receive further criticism from our adversaries. I rest my case. Correction in my discourse: Until now, there's no specific topic presented yet that prohibits an MCGI from eating idols, but like you are claiming, that our MICs are advising the brethrens to abstain from "Halal" goods.

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