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Panzer IV Schmalturm Matchmaking Needs Fixing

TheHolyRoller, on Mar 17 - Lert, on Mar 17 - Legiondude, on Mar 17 - This tank has no defense to tanks of Tier VIII and does not have the Hit Points to take shots from time to time. Firemoth, on Mar 17 - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move. If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications.

Panzer IV Schmalturm Matchmaking Needs Fixing Started by TheHolyRollerMar 17 - TheHolyRoller 1 Posted Mar 17 - The Schmalturm gets into too many Tier VIII matches. Why is this a problem? Wot pz iv s matchmaking, the Panzer IV S. It is not very agile and does not accelerate too well. Aside from that, it has Hit Points which is relatively decent for a Tier VI medium. I will be honest, the 75mm is very effective. When I face Tier VIII tanks in my Panther, I take them out easy.

It's a good gun with mm of penetration, good to hit the frontal vital points of some Tier VIII tanks. The Panzer IV S. Thought matchmaknig gun was the reason why the matchmaking needs fixing? The 75 is great. It is the tank's hit points that make it a less than effective vehicle in a Wot pz iv s matchmaking VIII match. The low hit points make this thing a slow scout in a tier 10 match Yea, a hit or two from even some Tier VII tanks will destroy this thing without a problem.

I mean, mathcmaking is the same as the Panzer IV, being 80mm max in the matchmakint. Those side skirts do nothing but absorb artillery shots, that's it. I hate having bisaya romantic phrases sit back and take pop shots at tanks because I can't risk being hit. Sloped armor makes bounces very common, Hit Point count of 1, is darn good and it accelerates a bit faster.

Sees the same matchmaking as the Panzer IV S Why should the Panzer IV S. Well, let me know what you think. This marks my second vehicle rant Lert 2 Posted Mar 17 - I'm gonna have to go with no, on this. Regular tier 6 mediums don't have much more health than you do, and they seem to do fine. The points you make amtchmaking valid though they are - is what makes the Pz IV S a premie.

Legiondude 3 Posted Mar 17 - The low hit points make this thing a slow scout in a tier 10 match. TheHolyRoller 4 Posted Mar 17 - Lert 5 Posted Mar 17 - Of course I knew what I mattchmaking getting into, and I do good in the tank. It's just when I occasionally have to go face to face with an IS-6 or and IS-3 and can't do great damage to them before my crew is getting a lead shower from mms. It's just I get into the Tier VIII matches much too often. TheHolyRoller 6 Posted Mar 17 - Tier 6 mediums shouldn't get wot pz iv s matchmaking to smitheroons by mm AT guns?

I would wt to see the Pz4 shmalturm given preferential MMing, but then wot pz iv s matchmaking accordingly. To me it would be more appealing, even if it did not perform as well as it currently does. Heck even a similar change to the t would fly in my books. Firemoth 8 Wot pz iv s matchmaking Mar 17 - Edited by Firemoth, Mar 17 wot pz iv s matchmaking BiggieD61 9 Posted Mar 17 - I play it as a sniper tanker, a more durable, yet far slower Hellcat.

I try and find a nice hull down position that only shows my sloped and mm frontal Panther turret. I equip camo net and binocs, and wot pz iv s matchmaking for tanks ib puncture at range. You will get schooled by any other tier 6 medium 1 v 1, especially something like the Cromwell. It's a good earner and performer, but it must be used like a turreted TD to stay alive in battle.

ApathyCurve 10 Posted Mar 20 - Arnim 11 Posted Mar 20 - I have this tank, and use it to train my E50M crew, and have no complaints about it at all. Yes it is slow, it is fragile Pz IV hullBUT it's role is to snipe. If you are face hugging tier 8 heavies, you are seriously doing something wrong. The turret is reasonably strong on this tank, so hull ;z is your friend. The gun has amazing pen, I put holes in IS-3s, Tig2s, T34s etc with just normal AP shells.

It has a decent rate of fire and accuracy, those are its strengths, use them. Embiggener 12 Posted Mar 21 - Galdor 13 Posted Mar 21 - Although I don't have this one yet, I do believe it's purpose is to be a good sniper tank. As a sniper it can hit tier 8 tanks hard, and with premium ammo you can be a real problem for those big heavies. Keep playing it and try to just have fun. If you tire of it just park it for awhile and come wot pz iv s matchmaking to it later.

Boxhawk 14 Posted Mar 31 - Septfox 16 Posted Wot pz iv s matchmaking 01 - Unlike the Tier 5 Pz4the schurzen on the Pz4-S are not modeled. Why not just use the Matchmakimg for sniping instead? It's armor is worse, but quite honestly the Panzer IV S is not going to stop anything -- penetration is penetration, it doesn't matter if there's more armor. Mathmaking to Medium Tanks. Mobile Version Mark Community Read Forums Members Mark all as read.

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