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January 23, by kfangurl 14 Comments. Plot logic regularly requires some suspension of disbelief, but there are enough plus points in this show to still make it an enjoyable watch. Which means I have my recently acquired soft spot for Hong Jong Hyun to thank, for motivating me to finally check out this drama. Thinking of this as a manhwa-esque sort of world helps, though. Uneven pacing is also an issue.

She made Gong Min Young earnest, warm and likable, and was all-around a wonderful ray of sunshine in this drama. She managed the more emotional scenes with as much dexterity as the cheerful sunny scenes, and I was impressed. Lee Chun Hee is quite lovely as the mysterious Master next door. Master had relatively less screen time, but Lee Chun Hee made every scene count. I found it highly amusing to see Ji Jin Hee as a dorky loser, Lee Yoon Ji as a neurotic librarian, and Lee Kwang Soo as a dorky baker.

Hong Jong Hyun brings the broody handsome. To be sure, Hong Jong Hyun is pretty stiff in this role, and there is definitely room for him to have done more with the character of Moo Jin. I also found his loveline with Ha Yun Joo rather cute. In that sense, I found the treatment of the romance quite organic and believable. By the time both of our characters had come around to those romantic feelings, so had I. To be honest, Dating agency cyrano hong jong hyun was never fully invested in the overarching backstories of Byung Hoon and Master and everything else that went with it.

My interest levels with the cases of the day also varied; I liked some arcs more than others. I LOVED this show…. So yeah, they were the main draw. Additionally, I loved the whole group of the agency…. Sooyoung was a revelation and I absolutely loved here here…and LJH was HOT! I liked the baking one more, I think. Lee Kwang Soo was great as the dorky chef. Like Liked by 1 person.

I enjoyed this show and I agree pretty much with your review. I watched because I loved the quirky idea still need to see the actual movie and I totally Fangirl Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee. That was a great kiss at the end, but I felt as usual the guy did all the work. LJH certainly has kissable lips!

Your positive recommendation — and your comment about Hong Jong Hyun being a cutie in this — was 100 lb propane tank hook up catalyst that got me to watch this sooner than later, actually! I enjoyed it all around. And Hong Jong Hyun certainly caught my eye, despite having 2 lines. He has that great look to him. Too busy helping their clients. I second just about everything you wrote. She was a revelation and I forsee a very successful acting career for her.

Master is eye candy for dating agency cyrano hong jong hyun. I had NO problem with the age gap and felt the romance worked. Loved the MV you posted BTW. All in all a fun, mindless watch. He has the charisma and screen presence for it — more so than some of the younger actors who are landing lead roles now. I just wanna bop along to it, amid all the OTP cuteness. Yeah, everything you said! It was a great night-cap sort of drama where you enjoy it in the moment, then promptly forget about.

In fact, I totally watched Cyrano as a nightcap drama. I still caught on to the cute quite nicely, and managed to enjoy it for what it was. I loved this drama. I marathoned it and it was just fantastic. LJH is also one of my hot ahjussis. I really like him. Overall,I recommend this drama for anyone wanting a light fun watch. Not a show that warrants a lot of analysis, and neither does it dating agency cyrano hong jong hyun it.

Hong Jong Hyun The Fangirl Verdict. But I like this article for Gong Yoo and Sooyoung. Gong Yoo is how I found this blog in the first place. Sorry for commenting on things late. But Sooyoung's very good in it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. I wrote another in-flight review!

This time, for J-movie My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy the quick read! RL is still uber busy though. I will respond to comments as soon as I can! RL demands are uber amped up for dating agency cyrano hong jong hyun. Hope you guys enjoy this quick review! Hope you guys enjoy! Enter your email address to follow The Fangirl Verdict and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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