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HOME NEWS FORUMS REVIEWS BLOGS REGISTER LOGIN User Name: Register FAQ Calendar Today's Posts Search. Hello all, I have just recently purchased a Springfield M1 Garand. There are markings on it that I would like to find informaiton about. Here is what I am talking about: DSA Is there someplace on the internet to locate what these mean?

Receiver SN Goes back nimbers May The barrel has markings on S-A, with what also looks like an " M " or a " W " tirunelveli dating site 5 inches to the left of the date. I know the barrel doesnt match the manufacture date, but what about the Bolt and Trigger houseing? Share Share this post on Digg Del.

How much did you pay? Dsting is not original but a very darkish burgendy color that is very nice looking when oiled. I numers no idea what kind of wood it is. I fired it today, this is the first time I have ever fired or j1 one. I had read in the manual about the " garand thumb free dating sites tyne and wear and was worried about getting my thumb caught. Consequently the first 3 clips I fired thru it, they all ejected after the third or fourth round.

At first I had bought a lemon, then I read the manual again and loaded it more correctly I guess. I had sfrial problems after that, I just made sure the magazine was down all the way and have thumb gone! All in all I am very happy with it. What a monster Thanks for the reply Rchjr. When loading, place your thumb near the shoulder of the case, and keep the flat of your hand alongside the stock. That way if the bolt does come forward not all of them do, and the clip itself can influance this also it will first contact your hand which will force your thumb out of the way of the bolt.

BTW, the Garand isn't the only system that can bite you, my wife m1 garand dating serial numbers her thumb caught in a SKS bolt, the stripper clip slot did a nice job of "holding on" too. Seems she pushed the cartridge to far m1 garand dating serial numbers the rear and tripped the "hold m1 garand dating serial numbers latch" releasing the bolt. Tailgunner, You are right about the sks, I have one as well and have had it get my thumb.

I sure would not like being in battle with that rifle and have to reload it very fast. Thanks for the reply, Rchjr. Originally Posted by 93sr20det. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything -Alexander Hamilton as demonstrated 4 Nov To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. Once you start looking at part numbers The books you should get a hold of IMHO Looks as if you have quite a few '45 issue parts, including the trigger housing and bolt.

Late style locking bars would be great. An "NFR" cartouched stock would be ideal--I just found a nice one with, unfortunately, a nmbers crack, which I am repairing for yet another restoration. Harrison, despite srrial few errors, has about the best detail parts assortment info. The general concepts in my dzting, photographically, are decent, too, albeit a lot of people ignore the McClain rule: Originally Posted by rchjr. DSA The barrel has markings on S-A, with what also looks like an " M " or a " W " about 5 inches to the left of the date.

As noted, the trigger housing and bolt are definitely in the proper range. Trying to get a "date correct" barrel can lead to a lot of frustration. There are more fakes than real, and some very tired ones being sold to the unwary only capable of measuring the costmetics. Correct rod would be a -9, of course, and they're fairly common.

Based on what Farand was told in years of interviews with medics and corpsmen, though, I'd avoid actually USING an uncut version thereof. M1 garand dating serial numbers, the main thing, other than the appreciation, is the shooting. Have you had the '50 barrel gauged? It's a standard, non-specification, non-GI rifle, worth far less than a real M1 Garand. Springfield Armory, Incorporated, is in Illinois, nothing whatsoever to do with the real Datint.

Armory, which was in Massachusetts. You can get an upgraded CMP rifle, a vastly better unit, for this money or less. The receiver is a cheap casting, not a forging. NO SAI receiver is a forging. ALL military M1 Garand m1 garand dating serial numbers, Italian or U. The rifle you are looking at is NOT, never was, and never could BE a military rifle, anywhere, at any time, for anyone.

Military production of the M1 Garand ended in at serial numbers just over 6 million. Italian production by Breda and Beretta went on MUCH longer, but is not relevant to this conversation. Anything numbered higher than 6. Nobody said it wouldn't shoot well, albeit it is reasonable to presume a used USGI rifle from the CMP will outlast it many times, and be cheaper in base price, too.

If you look closely, with a magnifier, at the data legend on the receiver horseshoe behind the rear sight, near the manufacturer's name, you will see a "circle r", which is a copyright mark. That identifies it as having been produced by Springfield Armory, Incorporated, NOTHING TO DO WITH AND ENTIRELY UNRELATED TO the actual U. ALL of their production, even their later "M1A" M14 clone, is castings. No exceptions, no footnotes. The valid literature is the ONLY guide.

Everything noted above is covered in all the valid scholarly literature. You can verify that very easily. A service grade CMP rifle will cost less than is being asked for this cast-receivered non-military rifle. And it WILL have collector's value. This rifle was made sometime after or so, dating i forhold never military, and is NOT a specification rifle.

This is all chapter and verse of the valid literature. It is a civilian copy. This is about information, not ruffling feathers. Never made a military rifle, never made a forged, real military M1 Garand.

M1 Garand!!!

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