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I hate Mumsnet: Why one mum thinks the parenting website is smug, patronising and vicious

Registered in England Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Categories Recent Discussions Best Of Seriously, LMan, what are you trying to do to me. My eyes mumsnet dating thread 82 straight to where Ste's. Look at Justin's big white thighs. Sexiest man my arse. It disappeared after a few weeks or so, although he did say "calm down Ste" in the first post-fire episode.

I guess when they saw the first episodes being cut they decided they liked the full-naming thing as a character trait and expanded on it, instead of it being a planned thing. Noel Edmonds had ruined that name already for me to be honest. To be honest, it's another one of those things I wouldn't be surprised that Emmett just picked up and ran with, eventually ad-libbing it more and more until it eventually became a little datung.

I would just think of Lee Hunter. Someone else was calling theirs Siegfried! I think that was around the time that the DV had taken a bit of a step mumsnet dating thread 82. And it was mostly just about Brendan falling in love with him. I mean I know Brendan grabbed his face, but that wasn't that bad. Cause it led to "Stephen. It feels all mumsnft different watching what we're watching now, to what we watched back then. The love was more on show back then, than to what it is now I think. I think so too.

That's still one of my favourite things about the interviews they did before the BSA's, that he kept correcting Kieron by saying, "Stephen. Even if it is, its bloody cruel! Yeah, I think it was an Emmett thing too, but I imagine it was the writers too who were expanding it to other characters. By the way, do we reckon that Doug is actually called Douglas? Sounds more of a Scottish name than American to me, he would probably be just Doug.

Which makes it even funnier! My thoughts on the ep tonight: Needs a cuddle Cheryl: Also needs a cuddle Lynsey: I love her more and more Not very detailed sorry. Like on This Morning. And adorable glances were shared, then a big bit of cardboard fell on Jorgie. Oh Maya if you are here, Elle says she will post some 8 caps for you on dailybrady. I just have to post this.

You summed it up. Though Ste ain't in thrad bad books because he was mumsnet dating thread 82 being held against his will trhead that hot tub. I don't like how Noel's 'Oh God, here's Cheryl' attitude seems to rub off on Ste. He and Cheryl were proper friendly once before Cheryl cut him lose for dating moonheads. Maya this is from Elle Legs!

Quincy il hookup is someone on Mumsnet who wants to call their baby Silas. And there are a lot of responses saying what a lovely name it is! I think the saucy one would put me off that if I was ever so inclined which I wouldn't be. Yeah, I wasn't angry at Ste either. Poor musnet, Noel almost killed him. I noticed that too! I might even tweet Law that and tell him to leave. Or me campaign is gunna get worse, and more powerful. Ah yeah that was why he was in my bad books, being mumsnet dating thread 82 to Chez I just hate Noel though, Ste away from him is much much better.

And the hot tub Well, if your tweeting hasn't worked, you need to step it up. Step it up bigtime. See, I miss Ste and Cheryl having random conversations. There was one hilarious talk they had in the background about some guy telling them to pull things. No one gets over that. By the way, for our Noel Edmonds lovers

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