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Please use reddit's voting system to your advantage. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. Mod's interference is minimum, everything is allowed except for what grindr hookup stories reddit listed in the rules here. What was your first time on Grindr like? Grindr hookup stories reddit was curious about it so I downloaded it at This guy that lived like ft away kept being very forward. I just wanted to meet some gay people, I was not ready to grindr hookup stories reddit sex at grindr hookup stories reddit point, he was being so pushy and I didn't know how to just say no so I deleted it and didn't return to it till 2 years later lol.

First time I used it I hooked up with a guy that night, got a blowjob and fucked him, all in his car. I was nervous, it was my second time being with somebody but I got over it pretty quickly. I find the racism on grindr to be very distasteful and representative of a problem that people don't like to talk about. It makes me sad that there are people who outright refuse to meet up with a person solely because of their race. I don't understand why people are against others stating that they aren't into a certain race.

Why would you want to waste your time with a guy who is not into you and, if you see it as racist, why would you especially waste your time with someone grindr hookup stories reddit is racist? It acts as a red flag to avoid them. Because it touches a nerve and makes them feel unattractive. Having a preference for certain physical characteristics including skin color is fine.

But imo the best way to communicate this is to just say 'not interested' grindr hookup stories reddit going into further detail. What i find interesting about comments like these are that they are usually borne from people who probably had some sort of psychological effect on being discriminated against or put into some box for being gay, but just CANNOT understand why someone else, another minority who didn't make the choice to be said minority, would be so affected by "innocuous words" from some dingbat.

I understand that it's a very rude thing to say. Rather than grindr hookup stories reddit my time associating with said people, by them being up front with their prejudices, it allows me to avoid them. I was getting a crazy amount of requests as soon as I made a profile but before I had the chance to put up a photo. Got laid that night before I could do so. We did exchange photos in pms but it still didn't stop people from sending me dick pics and the likes with no photos on my profile.

It was quite pleasant, I got asked out on a date on Grindr by this really cute bear. Grindr hookup stories reddit went to watch Mad Max then ate dinner, made out in the car a little bit but that's about it. Went on a few more dates but we wanted different things so we decided to stay as friends, we are good friends now actually.

I downloaded it, not even 30 seconds into looking around, someone messaged me that was 3 miles away I freaked out a little bit and uninstalled right there. Lol I didn't even have a profile picture up yet! I was 20 when I first used it. I had been going on craigslist and saw that men would give blowjobs in cars and stuff, and I had just gotten a car, so I thought it'd be good. It gave me such a rush, especially because it was only the third guy I had done something gay with and it had been months in between the two other guys.

I remember this also because it was around the time Prototype 2 came out for the Xbox I bought it after the blowjob because I was radiometric dating seafloor spreading a shopping district. Then when it came to playing it, I got bored very fast and went back on grindr. I was able to get a boyfriend on grindr, but the moral of the story was not to use grindr for that reason because guys who have an affinity towards apps tend to go back to them.

I was like when I first downloaded it, I don't even know if that was on an android or iphone. I was pretty nervous, would chat a bit but never hooked up. I took the chance, and he was okay. Hook-up was okay as well. Downloaded it, instantly wierded out by innumerous guys with creepy smiles then proceeded to delete the app.

If the guys aren't wiling grindr hookup stories reddit at least Skype so you can see their real face after a day of talking then move on, you've hooked a retard. Snapchatting is a much easier and simpler way grindr hookup stories reddit tell if someone is legit. Don't know why he suggested skyping. I am 28 and don't understand the snapchats of you whipper snappers.

That dudes like 40 to I'd say it's mostly guys looking for a hook up, but I met my boyfriend on Grindr after talking to him for a month and then we went out on a coffee date. I just set up what will be absolutely a hookup only from scruff. Two to three months is seven to eleven weeks past my cut off window. Guys have a week to decide if they're down to fuck around with me.

Anything past that and I've lost interest because there's other fish to fry. Why keep a stringer when you can only eat one fish at a time sometimes two grindr hookup stories reddit three but who's counting. It isn't like I plan to do that. They just remain friendly for that amount of time. Maybe I'm good grindr hookup stories reddit whatever it is that keeps them friendly. I know for sure they're not desperate - both of the two I mentioned have tons of grindr friends - i had to bitch at one to quit chatting them while i was fucking him.

I believe he was saying Grindr is only good for hookups, not that Grindr is the only good hookup service. This was quite recently actually, Not exactly Grindr but I guess it's a similar experience since it was from an anonymous chat app. At that point I've had long suspected that I might be gay and it was really bothering me and I was getting very insecure about it and myself in general because I really don't want to be gay.

But when I read the post asking if someone was interested in experimenting with another guy I said fuck it i need to know and replied. We exchanged a picture and met at a bus stop close to my place. I was extremely nervous and didn't talk all the way until we were in my dorm room because I was too nervous my neighbours many of which are friends might find out.

We chat for a while and I am feeling a little sick and was shaking.

Awkward Grindr Hookup Stories w/ Chris Lam

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