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Lightning Ethernet Cable (L2-NET)

I thought I could resist the Check below for the setup I used as well as my video experience. Connect your equipment in that order if you should be good to go. You will want to either put your iPad in Airplane Mode or manually disable wifi and cellular data before you can really try the proof-of-concept. In my experience, it would only work if your iPad gave you a warning the it did not recognize or support jookup USB to Ethernet adapter. On the first attempt, the warning prompted as soon as I plugged it in, but after unplugging and replugging it back it, the iPad did not recognize the connection.

Rebooting the iPad solved the problem, but this just speaks to the overall wonkiness of such a setup. Performance wise, my network speed was actually right on par with what my ISP advertises. And without further ado, my hands-on experience with connecting my iPad Air to the Internet via Ethernet only:. Zac covers Apple news and product reviews for 9to5Mac, contributes to 9to5Google, and hosts the weekly 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast.

Breaking news from Cupertino. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of ethernet hookup for ipad posts via email. Use a power line ethernet adaptor pair one at the router, one in your dungeon. Either would be fine. The Wi-Fi connection between my iPad and Apple TV is rock solid: That with the cable internet source, no so much….

Thanks for ur reply,you meant only the version above 7. I have tried my iPad 4 with jail broken and with 6. Always get warning about USB to Ethernet adapter. Tied the suggested and other combinations. New Ipad Air, 7. Should I try 7. Does it also work without the USB-hub? If you connect the USB-Ethernet dongle directly to the 30pin-USB adapter? You can ethernet hookup for ipad some money by using the Lightning to Mini-USB adapter, instead of using the two adapters shown in the ethernet hookup for ipad.

In fact I will try connecting a Micro-USB to Ethernet adapter to my Lightning to Micro-USB adapter. If it works ethernet hookup for ipad it would be awesome, especially if you just connect it to your office network directly instead of using a router. As for using it without the hub, no luck for me. It required ethernet hookup for ipad powered usb hub to function at all in my experience.

Involves ethernet hookup for ipad interconnecting Hookkp TV, iPad ethernet hookup for ipad, and AirPlay over ethernet… Please pm to resqdogz gmail. Printers or Storage only. USB hub with Ethernet built-in optionally powered using a 5-volt AC power adapter http: You would of course need to have cor too for interfacing with the iDevice: I would be curious if this works as well. I tried on my IPAD 2 but didnt have great results.

Zac would greatly appreciate your thoughts on it! Saved the day for me at a convention that had too much WiFi traffic!!! Thanks soooo much for posting this!!! I work at a radio astronomy observatory where all forms of wireless are banned. This looks ethernet hookup for ipad it could be a game changer. Those of you who have gotten this to work, what devices are you using? I have not been able to replicate this success on an iPod Touch, iPhone 5c, or iPad 2.

Even when the volledig gratis dating belgie appears about not recognizing the hardware, internet ethdrnet still not available. Had it working on an iPad2: Did NOT work with a USB Y cable either. Does the pin adapter to usb have to be officially made by apple for it to work?

Ive done everything in the setup but still dint get a connection. I have a Ipad 3. That does not work using the bundled 30 pines to USB port through the USB powered switch. Do I have to use a special ethernet hookup for ipad pins to USB camera adapter, and why? I doubt this is the cor, but does this setup charge the iPad? If not, any thoughts on something like this: I have a powered USB hub.

Am fog doing something wrong? I liked this so much that i made a video explaining it in detail: We purchased the iPad Air 2 and accidentally got this hub for ethernet connection: It did NOT come with a wall adapter. Zac, can you help out a real Apple Ipad2 noobie? I was given an Ipad2 as a gift-it only has the pin connector. Which adapters do I need??

Is there a way for the setup to power the iPad as well? Of all my testing, the cordless landline phone is the worst, about 19, on hookip meter, so i have gone back to corded home phone with extension cord, can still carry it around. Does the iPad continue to charge on this configuration?? We recently installed a new POS running off an iPad which is permanently affixed to the counter, so mobility is not an issue.

Ethernet hookup for ipad iPad has to be connected to the internet. We have purchased the Apple lightning to USB, the Ror USB to ethernet fot, and a powered USB hub. So far everything works brilliantly, but the iPad is not receiving charge which ultimately makes this whole thing a no-go since the battery life of the iPad will not last a full shift in the shop: Sorry no, the ipad cannot charge while it is also acting as a usb controller, we are many who would like that.

A special hooup could be having two identical ipads in the ethernet hookup for ipad, if the ipad is using a POS with internet sync continously, ethernet hookup for ipad they should be able to be swapped at any time and charged using a wall charger, this also ensures the POS keeps working if one of the ipads stop working. The charging ipad could then be used for all non-internet related work ethernet hookup for ipad the same time like etherbet the address book, calendar, inventory list, offline product information etc.

I made a video about the ipad ethernet setup, and any new ideas will also be posted here https: Submitting a tip constitutes permission to publish and syndicate. Please view our tips policy or see all contact options. Comments 56 Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Reddit. Zac Hall apollozac Zac covers Apple news and product reviews for 9to5Mac, contributes to 9to5Google, and hosts the weekly 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast.

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How To Use an Ethernet Cable with iPad

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