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Recommend this entry Has been recommended Surprise me. We have added a new feature - video hosting. Please click here to upload videos matchmaking myungyeol insert them in your post. Main Ratings Disable ads. Infinite - Man in Love Two Strangers Meet [MyungYeol, oneshot] Two Strangers Meet MyungYeol; PG; comedy So Sungjong sets up Myungsoo with his ideal type on a blind date.

Special credits ; this was written for infinitewishwho tolerates me despite the fact that I'm a neurotic, cranky mess that can't matchmaking myungyeol a fic. Matchmaking myungyeol the fact that she is the greatest friend, the best consulter, and truly one of the most beautiful people I know. Even though we never actually met, ily. And… Bae… Bae Suzy, I think. Besides a couple or two, it's empty. Closer to the kitchens, there's a row of matchmaking myungyeol tables accompanied by one long matchmaking myungyeol, with no dividers whatsoever.

One of the tables is already occupied by a guy, probably not much older than Myungsoo, tapping on his phone furiously. Myungsoo gets the table right beside his. In the PA system? Blind dates are not his thing, and he usually ends up embarrassing himself. The guy besides him snorts, still buried inside his phone. The waiter purses his lips together in disdain, then leaves.

Myungsoo looks after him for a second, feeling a bit disrespectful. Looks like a total douche. He rubs his palms onto his pants nervously. He glances at his smartphone, as if it's an immediate remedy matchmaking myungyeol his matchmaking myungyeol anxiety. He glances on his clock. He came half an hour earlier like a complete retard, just because Sungjong, his roommate-slash-best-friend-slash-torture r, rushed him to leave already.

Wine made of roses? I probably norge dating nettsteder like a complete wreck. My last relationship was a complete disaster. Myungsoo takes it, matchmaking myungyeol without hesitation. The waiter brings a green bottle and a sparkling clean wine glass, matchmaking myungyeol pours, very slowly, the contents into the glass.

When he leaves, Sungyeol looks into matchmaking myungyeol. Then leans back on the sofa. I only liked her for a year now. Best butt in campus. And now he's pretending he's really busy doing homework after he threw me to the wolves - and that asshole never does homework. And he found this girl, who is exactly my type, supposedly. But I can compromise. Myungsoo notices his fingers are long and delicate. Myungsoo never actually met someone… so… for the lack of word for it, bubbling with life.

Myungsoo is more the type to stand on the sidelines, watching people mob Sungyeol from the corner of the room. Should I bring the menu? He glances around the room. Myungsoo glances at his clock. Myungsoo leans back on the sofa, sliding one of his legs on the smooth purple leather seat, so he could face him. It probably has low alcohol percentage. Sungyeol also shifts a little, crossing one of his long, long legs on the other.

Not that I mind that stuff. I was in love. We got serious at some point, and she decided it was time to move in together, and I, blithering stupid fool I was, agreed. Hell, she even took my Pokeball collection. What would a chick need a Pokeball collection for? Woohyun peed himself laughing. And she seemed really shy at first. How does that work? One time I even caught her filming me peeing. And she just started appearing everywhere I went, because she was tracking my Smartphone with a GPS.

What was your first clue? Including updates of what and how we are doing. I would love to see the peeing video. My best friend keeps it on his laptop, though, and when he feels particularly evil, he plays it to taunt me. Suzy Bae really is his type in all her perfection and glory. She's wearing a cute pastel pink dress that hugs her figure almost perfectly, she's elegant but doesn't have a single haughty vibe in her. Her hair is long with cute flirty curls at matchmaking myungyeol end and matchmaking myungyeol gives off the illusion she's not wearing any make-up, with naturally rosy blush on her cheeks.

He glances at Sungyeol, before getting up, clearing his throat and trying not to cringe at how awkward the situation feels. He moves her chair for her. She bows her head in a thankful gesture, and sits. Matchmaking myungyeol takes the sit in front of her. I did no such thing! Or something along those lines. She tucks some of her hairs as she skims through it, eyes darting from one word to another, and Myungsoo thinks that he really should congratulate Sungjong for a work well done; she's perfect.

He tries not to burst out laughing. What are you taking, Myungsoo-sshi? You seem to know each other pretty well. They stand next to each other like two models from a magazine. Sungyeol pulls the chair for her, then plops next to Myungsoo. With the tomato sauce. Which is kind of sad, considering that she really is a perfect match for him. The room is green matchmaking myungyeol looks squeaky clean, as if you can eat from the floor, which is only mandatory, considering how pricy the restaurant is.

Sungyeol paces around the room. And I think my breath stinks. And I think she noticed that my breath stinks from alcohol. What do I do? I told you to stop after the first glass. You have to go buy me breath mints! You might be a serial murder. She might be your seventh victim. Myungsoo sniffs the air around him now that they're close.

Myungsoo really likes his cologne. He matchmaking myungyeol smell a bit of alcohol. His eyes are terribly bright and big, and they give off the feeling as if he sees right through him. They both start to talk matchmaking myungyeol the same time; "You should just They pick up a pace, slowly, idly, faster and faster, until Myungsoo feels his whole insides igniting and bursting into flames. By the time someone actually walks into the bathroom, they're in the midst of something feverish and intense, and Myungsoo finds that his hands went to inappropriate parts of Sungyeol's body, as if he couldn't control his limbs.

The person probably a matchmaking myungyeol, seeing to the fact that they're in a man's bathroom walks out the moment he comes in, uttering a small gasp. They part painfully slowly, as if matchmaking myungyeol to linger inside the heat. At least buy me dinner or something. I know you guys, I'm always promising a chaptered fic next thing! Post a new comment Matchmaking myungyeol.

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