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BOXCambridge, MA What are the payment plans for Jack'd Pro? But don't worry, all of the plans unlock the same Jack'd Pro features! If you have questions about this policy, contact Jack'd Team at team jackd. Common violations of Jack'd Terms of Service include: Your e-mail address is the only way to verify account ownership.

If you have forgotten or no longer have access to the e-mail address you created your Jack'd account with, you cannot recover your account. Public Pictures on Jack'd are approved at the discretion of the Jack'd Team. When pictures are deleted it's likely for one of the following reasons:. If you believe your pictures were deleted in error, please write an e-mail to team jackd.

In order to handle situations with stolen pictures, we must verify ownership of the pictures in question. Following the jackd dating site below will jackd dating site dting situation is resolved as quickly as possible:. By downloading Jack'd, you are agreeing to jackd dating site Licensed Application End User License Agreement, Terms of Access and Use, and Privacy Policy. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY.

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, LD hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to i jackd dating site dafing compiled code copy of the JACKD Software for one JACKD Ssite account on one mobile device owned or leased solely by you, for your personal, noncommercial use and ii use the Jack Jackd dating site and software for your personal, noncommercial use.

In order to use the JACKD Software you must have a mobile device that is compatible with the JACKD Software. LD does not warrant that the JACKD Software will be compatible with your mobile device. You acknowledge that LD may from time to time issue upgraded versions of the JACKD Software, and may automatically electronically upgrade the version of the JACKD Software that you are using on your mobile device. You consent to such automatic upgrading on your mobile device, and agree that the terms and conditions of this Agreement will apply to all such upgrades.

You agree that LD will not be liable to you for any such modifications. With respect to any open source or third-party code that may be incorporated in the JACKD Software, such open source code is covered by the jackd dating site open source sit third-party license EULA, if any, authorizing use of such code. Nothing in this Agreement limits your rights under, or grants you rights that supersede, the terms and conditions of any applicable end user license for such open source software.

In particular, nothing in this Agreement restricts your right to copy, modify, and distribute such open source software that is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License. The foregoing license grant under rating Agreement is not a sale of the JACKD Software or any copy thereof and LD or its third party partners or suppliers retain all right, title, and interest in the JACKD Software and any copy thereof.

Any attempt by you to transfer any of the rights, duties or obligations jackd dating site, except as expressly provided for in this Agreement, is void. LD reserves all rights not expressly granted under this Agreement. Trademarks, Service Marks and Logos. The name of this web site is a service mark of LD. No use of this mark shall be permitted except through the prior written authorization and permission LD.

If this JACKD Software is being acquired on behalf of the United States Government, then the following provision applies. Use, duplication, or disclosure of the JACKD Software by the U. Government is subject to restrictions set forth in this Agreement and as provided in DFARS The JACKD Software originates in the United States, and is subject to United States export laws and regulations. The JACKD Software may not be jakd or re-exported to certain countries or those persons or entities prohibited from receiving exports from the United States.

In addition, the JACKD Software may be subject to the import and export laws of other countries. You agree to comply with all United States and foreign laws related to use of the JACKD Software and the JACKD Services. You acknowledge and agree that the availability of the JACKD Software is dependent on the third party from which you received the JACKD Software, e. You acknowledge that this Agreement is between you and LD and not with the respective App Store.

Jackd dating site App Store may have its own terms and conditions to which you uackd agree before downloading the JACKD Software from it. You agree sie comply with, and your license to use the JACKD Software is conditioned upon your compliance with, all applicable terms and conditions of the applicable App Store. Apple App Store Additional Terms and Conditions. The following additional terms and conditions apply jackd dating site you if you are using JACKD Software downloaded from the Apple App Store.

To the extent the other terms and conditions of this Agreement are less restrictive than, or otherwise jackd dating site with, the terms and conditions of this Section, the more restrictive or conflicting terms and conditions in this Section apply, but solely with respect to JACKD Software from the Apple App Store. LD and you acknowledge that this Agreement is between LD and you only, and not with Apple.

LD and not Apple, is solely responsible for JACKD Software and the content thereof. To the wite this Agreement provides for usage rules for JACKD Software that are less restrictive than the Usage Rules set forth for JACKD Software in, or otherwise is in conflict with, the App Store Terms of Service, the more restrictive or conflicting Apple term applies. The license granted to you for JACKD Software is limited to a non-transferable license to use JACKD Software on an iOS Product that you own or control and as permitted by datng Usage Rules set forth in the App Store Terms of Service.

LD is solely responsible for providing any jackd dating site and support services with respect to JACKD Software, as specified jackd dating site this Agreement if anyor as required under applicable law. LD and you acknowledge that Apple has no obligation whatsoever to furnish any maintenance and support services with respect to JACKD Software.


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