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The Hook Up (Game On #1)(9) by Kristen Callihan

chapter 7 - The Hook Up (Game On #1) by Kristen Callihan

It gets around what parties the football team plans to attend. And for as much as you denied it, I knew you were into him. You just needed a little push in his direction. She has Machiavellian depths that I never considered. She shrugs and grabs another fry. My work here is done anyway. All right, hook ups to alleviate occasional and unavoidable horniness is more my style lately. Since my break up with Hayden sophomore year, I have made it a point not to see any guy more than once.

Haunted Poet and Quiet Angst. I thought we were kindred spirits. It turns out he thought Amber, vegan and professional protester, was his soul mate. They dropped out of school and went to join Occupy Wall Street. I never saw him again. I cannot fall for Baylor. First Drew, now Iris. Whatever happened to the carefree and innocent college days of kinky sex experimentation? But I shake my head and take another pull on my straw. Nor do two random hook ups a relationship make.

The pressure to give it a squeeze builds and builds until you give in and, bam! Iris rolls her eyes before turning back to me. GRAY AND DIAZ are in my kitchen when I get home for the day. My mood is so rotten, I almost regret giving Gray a key, but then I smell something drifting from the big pot on the stove that makes my mouth water and decide his occasional invasions are worth it.

I might have asked him to be my roommate, but every time we go to an away game, I have to room with him—and sometimes two other guys—which is more than enough socializing for me. Besides, I like living alone. When my parents died, I was handed a life insurance payout check read the hook up online free kristen callihan two million dollars and two death certificates. Eventually, Coach convinced me that my parents took out those life insurance policies because they wanted to provide for me.

Not the best comfort, but I bucked up and called a financial advisor who put the money in various accounts. Last year, when I learned the true value of privacy the hard way, I bought a small bungalow style house. Tossing my keys on the hall table, I make my way through the open concept living-dining room. I kept a few things when my parents died: Giving the rest away was a nightmare that still haunts me from time to time.

Gray and Diaz give me nod as I walk past them and into my room. After a quick shower, I join them. Unlike me, Gray can actually cook. His mother was Norwegian, and apparently Norwegian women believe in equality for all domestic tasks. Read the hook up online free kristen callihan simply grunts with amusement. He does, however, know how to find a good, free meal, which explains his presence here.

I reach into the fridge and then toss Gray a beer. A raised eyebrow to Diaz, and he gives another grunt then finally speaks. The stew is good. Gray has despaired of read the hook up online free kristen callihan foregoing casual sex for the past year. Gray gives my arm a smack. Man, she has an ass on her. Read the hook up online free kristen callihan, I put down my now empty bowl.

And while the sex is phenomenal, the fact that she views me as little else is killing me. He wipes his mouth and takes a swig of beer. I thought she was into you. A movement at my side has me tensing. Warily, I look over, and he regards me for a moment before giving a small shrug. I saw her at the party. I squeeze the back of my stiff neck.

This is the most Diaz has said to me in weeks, so the words take a while to sink in past the shock. I pinch the bridge of my nose. A headache is coming on. They continue to talk shit, but my mind drifts elsewhere. I think about my father and the time we worked on changing the carburetor of my old car. A bolt, a pass, a game, whatever. Patience and persistence is how you win in life.

I know the true Anna. The weather is cool and the sun is shining. There are things I could do, assignments to finish, books to read. I could go shopping or into town to watch a movie. My stomach aches and my skin feels too tight. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Next Hot Novels The Deal Off-Campus 1 The Mistake Off-Campus 2 Never Too Far Too Far Trilogy 2 The Name of the Wind The Kingkiller Chroni Fifty Shades Darker Fifty Shades 2 Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Chris The Hunger Games The Hunger Games 1 The Name of the Wind The Kingkiller Chroni Uprooted Copyrights by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

Home Romance Vampires Fantasy Mystery Young-adult New Adult Science Fiction Thriller Horror Classics Unknown Author. The Hook Up Game On 1 9 by Kristen Callihan Unrepentant, Iris grins. You might as well admit it.

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