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View unanswered posts View active topics. MailmansmdbpsycomCaliMoosetfridgenJackBootedThug. Users browsing this forum: It is currently Sat, Jun 24, Thu, May 27, 9: Recently sold a OCD V4. Red LED, arrows circling the knobs, "made in California" tagline. Fulltone ocd dating sellers remorse, and bought another V4 used from a member on another forum. It arrives, and it looks like this: No arrows, blue LED, no "made in california" tagline. Plugged it in, and it sounds EXACTLY like a V3 that I used to own.

Lots and lots of bass, less mids, sizzly top. According to a website source, the serial number on this fulltone ocd dating pedal" would make it a V4. But it looks, sounds, and smells like a V3. I'm afraid the seller won't take it back, and I'm stuck with a pedal that I don't want or need or like. If it's a V3 and you don't want it i might take it. Here's a site with SN info. Thu, May 27, When I had mine, the circuit board inside was labeled v1.

Easy enough to check, since the bottom was held on with thumb screws. This board looks like the V3 board. Has "Fulltone USA" printed off to the left of the drive knob, not in the center like the V4. Thu, May 27, 6: I love my Version 1 never heard any of the other versions don't care too Version 1 is awesome. Thu, May 27, 8: Does that mean V4's are better? I was going to get one a while ago, really liked the sound and versatility. Is the only thing different about the V4 the taper on the gain pot or something?

V4 is when they moved to asymmetrical clipping, more alive and dynamic. Old print, old board, but V4 specs. Death by Uberschall hurts like a MOFO!! The Amp GOD Chronicles EBAY idiots!! I took some pictures, and emailed fulltone, describing the components inside, and their tech emailed fulltone ocd dating back: Apparently, the early runs of the V4's used the V3 boards and enclosures.

Manufactureres with a bazillion versions of their pedals make me nuts!!!!!! Switch to mobile style. Fulltone ocd dating 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Yours if you want it bro!!!! Last edited by Death by Uberschall on Thu, May 27, 9: Display posts from previous: You cannot post new topics in this forum Fulltone ocd dating cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit fulltone ocd dating posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Fulltone OCD Versions 1 2 3 4 ALL OF THEM with Les Paul and Dr Z MAZ Amplifier

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