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Created by Alex plank, the creator of WrongPlanet. Lacking in both design and members, you might try waiting awhile before looking for love here. The facebook page can be found below. Another Free dating site for people on the spectrum, from Classic Autism to Asperger's to HFA. The group runs itself and there is no administrator. For all those lonely Aspergers hearts across the UK! Find your soul mate" Be careful here.

They have "sexy" profile pictures, and their interests are all very similar. Aspie Dating Worldwide Info: I guess i should have added, the ones listed are free sites. I have never used any of those websites. I tried sending emails to em several times xating it but I never heard back. I don't think dating dating websites aspergers for Dating websites aspergers are a good idea unless the guys are gay because of the high ratio of Aspie men to Aspie aspsrgers I would recommend No Longer Lonely.

Websties a pretty good site that's trying to grow. I had been a member of there for a couple years. It is aspeggers great site with dating websites aspergers lot of potential but there is one major problem. I left NLL a few weeks ago because I do NOT want to be part of a site that will condone trolling; that gives aspergwrs with mental issues a bad rep. I have an account there which I forgot my user right now. Have these websites dzting effective? I tried an aspie dating site a while ago forgot the name of it but I couldn't find anyone in my area, and I live in a big city.

Contact Privacy Policy About Wrong Planet Terms of Use Advertising dating websites aspergers Wrong Planet. Username Password Remember Me. Post Reply New Topic. Page 1 of 1 [ 11 posts ]. Previous topic Next topic. Last edited by Logan5 on 10 Feb2: Oh, you can't help that, said the Cat: How do you aspergefs I'm mad? You must be, said the Cat, or you wouldn't have come here. There is a good article on Aspies and dating. Lockeye Snowy Owl Joined: Display posts datimg previous: Forum Games, Quizzes, Roleplaying, etc.

Proportion of Aspies on dating sites? Any dating sites specifically for Aspies that actually work? Free Dating Sites Vs Paid Dating Sites in Love and Dating.

Dating someone with aspergers - 6 myths of asperger syndrome

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