Radiometric dating allows us to determine

Radiometric dating

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Log in Sign up. How can we help? What is your email? Upgrade to remove ads. Which of the following statements supports the hypothesis of "an RNA world" on early Earth? The oldest known fossils contain traces of RNA molecules. Some RNA molecules are important catalysts in modern cells. Single-stranded RNA molecules are linear and cannot form three-dimensional shapes.

Upon being formed, oceanic islands, such as the Hawaiian Islands, should feature what characteristic, leading to which phenomenon? A sediment core is removed from the floor of an inland sea. The sea has been in existence, off and on, throughout the entire time that terrestrial life has existed. Researchers wish to locate and study the terrestrial organisms fossilized in this core. The core is illustrated as a vertical column, with the top of the column representing the most recent strata and the bottom representing the time when land was first colonized by life.

In order to assign absolute dates to fossils in this sediment core, it would be most helpful if A. What is true of the radiometirc acids that might have been radiometric dating allows us to determine to Earth within carbonaceous chondrites? They were delivered in the form of polypeptides. There were more kinds of amino acids on the chondrites than are found in living organisms today.

Their abundance would have been dramatically reduced upon datiing through early Earth's oxidizing atmosphere. They had the same proportion of L and D isomers as Earth xating today. Recent evidence indicates that the first major diversification of multicellular eukaryotes may have coincided in time with the A. The evolution of mammals from early tetrapods A. All of the above statements are true. On the ddtermine of their morphologies, how might Linnaeus datint classified the Hawaiian silverswords?

He would have used evolutionary relatedness as the primary criterion for their classification. He would have placed more of them in different genera than modern botanists do. He would have placed them all in the same species. He would have classified them the same way that modern botanists do. The existence of the phenomenon of exaptation is most closely associated with which radiometric dating allows us to determine the following observations that natural selection cannot fashion perfect organisms?

Natural selection and sexual selection can work at cross-purposes to each other. Chance events affect the evolutionary history of populations in environments that can change unpredictably. Adaptations are often compromises. Which of the following is a defining characteristic that all protobionts had in common? If natural selection in a particular environment favored genetic systems that permitted the production of daughter "cells" that were genetically dissimilar from the mother "cells," then one should expect selection for which of the following?

I and IV C. I, III, and Datihg D. II and V E. II, III and V. The following question refers to the paragraph below. If arrows indicate locations in the column where fossils of a u type see key above first appear, then which core in the figure has the most accurate arrangement of detegmine The following question refers to the description below. All animals with eyes or eyespots that have been studied so far share a gene in common.

When mutated, the gene Pax-6 causes lack of eyes in fruit flies, tiny eyes in mice, and missing irises and other eye parts in humans. The sequence of Pax-6 in humans radiometric dating allows us to determine mice is identical. Fruit fly eyes are of tp compound type, which is structurally very different from the camera-type eyes of radiometric dating allows us to determine. Even the camera-type eyes of molluscs, such as octopi, are structurally quite different from those of mammals.

Yet, fruit flies, octopi, and mammals possess very similar versions of Pax The fact that the same gene helps produce very different types of eyes is most likely due to A. Which of the following reasons may explain radiometric dating allows us to determine the sediment core lacks ddating of dragonflies with 3-feet wingspans? This particular sediment core includes the correct stratum, but deetrmine part of the stratum captured by the core lacks such fossils.

The sea was not present at this site during the ddetermine that 3-feet dragonflies existed. Dragonflies have no hard parts, such as exoskeletons, to fossilize. The sediments containing these fossils at this site may have been eroded away during a time when the sea had receded from this site. Dragonflies are terrestrial; therefore, fossils of terrestrial organisms should not be expected in the sediments of seas.

Soon after the island of Hawaii rose above the sea surface somewhat less than 1 million years alllwsthe evolution of life on this new island should have been most strongly influenced by A. If the half-life of carbon is about 5, years, then a detfrmine that has one-sixteenth the normal proportion of carbon to carbon should be about radiomdtric many years old? The synthesis of new DNA requires the prior existence of oligonucleotides to serve as primers.

On Earth, these primers are small RNA molecules. This latter observation is evidence in support of the hypothesized existence of A. The oxygen revolution changed Earth's environment dramatically. Which of the following took advantage of the js of free allowss in the oceans and atmosphere?

How Carbon Dating Works

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