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Rochelle Peachey - Iloveyouraccent.com THE most unprofessional, rude, bitter, arrogant fraudster of a so-called business woman you will come across Internet

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Rochelle Peachey - Iloveyouraccent. I have read numerous complaints regarding this woman and her website and more to the point the manner in which she abuses ex members who have i love your accent dating site reviews a complaint regarding her site and some members complaints were regarding membership fees that this woman was stealing from their PayPal accounts even after they had cancelled their memberships and informed her site of such!

She is extremely abusive and insulting to any ex member who crosses her to the extent that she immaturely feels she can name ex members which as any website owner knows is against that member's right to privacy and as such Rochelle Peachey has no rights to do so! She has no integrity or decency about her and should be sacked from her position i love your accent dating site reviews CEO of her own company by shareholders if she has any that is!!

The worst dating site and definitely the worst owner of a company I have EVER come across is this woman who is so full of herself she has her own profile on her dating site claiming she's been on thousands of dates but she claims to be married!! I love your accent dating site reviews speak for themselves!! She puts up FAKE male and female profiles as she obviously cannot attract enough members of the public to pay to sign up to this SHAM of a site and no wonder!!!

She is not FIT to be a CEO and her use of members real names is against the laws of privacy!! There are enough complaints about her on various websites from other EX MEMBERS to back up what I have said!! That speaks for itself as well! This site and the woman behind it Rochelle is a disgrace and the most unprofessional person This site and the woman behind it Rochelle is a disgrace and the most unprofessional person running a so-called internet dating service I have ever come across!!

Firstly the site is quite obviously FULL OF FAKE MALE PROFILES of which there are very few male members anyway!! I believe some of the female profiles are probably also fake! The saddest part is I emailed this Rochelle who seems to run this site on her own and told her I thought a lot of profiles were fake as none of my sent messages were even being opened after supposed male members initially contacted me so I was replying to them and she was not only rude and insulting in her replies but her attitude was SO defensive it was obviously an indication of guilt and shame on her part as the so-called CEO of a site FULL OF FAKE PROFILES!!

It doesn't surprise me to read in all the other reviews here as to the fact she is fraudulently collecting money from ex member's Paypal accounts so whatever you do, DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS DATING SITE!! This woman Rochelle who runs the site even resorts to replying to messages you may question that are unopened in your sent messages to give the impression a male member is replying at last when it was obvious from the 2 replies I received that it was HER sending the messages pretending to be the male members, how sad for her she obviously has nothing better i love your accent dating site reviews do with her time than sit behind this SHAM OF A DATING SITE sending out messages herself to genuine female members pretending she's one of the many male members she must have put up profile for herself in the first place as they are clearly mostly all FAKE MEMBERS!!!

This site and the woman behind it Rochelle is a disgrace and the most unprofessional person Absolutely true to form Amanda Pieta Ratcliffe aged You were extremely arrogant and rude which is why no one wanted to converse with you, I shall later publish your vile and obnoxious emails that you sent to members on my site. Its such a shame that you chose to hide your name but very expected.

If I wanted to use fake profiles there would bepeople on there, use your common sense, you get what you give, yu were horrible and got nothing!!! The admin of this site is seriously unprofessional!! This site cancelled by subscription at my request but then continued to charge me and denied all responsibility. They conveniently miss out in the cancellation process that you must cancel the paypal payment yourself.

They're out to steal your money!! Rochelle Peachey needs to learn some customer service skills and is a very bitter, unprofessional CEO. No people skills, which is the one i love your accent dating site reviews a CEO needs! Doesn't she realise who pays her wage at the end of the day? Seems like a few others have had the same experience. We need to make a noise about this and stop this con artist right now!

I love your accent dating site reviews service I paid for wasn't fufilled as the website is way below the standard of its competitors. Like the people below me, I cancelled within days. I am now out of pocket for money for a service I cancelled months ago! STAY AWAY FROM THIS CON!! If you honestly believe money was taken after your cancellation then your issue is with Paypal and not us. Its sad you all hide behid silly names when you make complaints yet feel its OK to mention my website by name.

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