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'It's almost like being a single mum': The reality of being a Royal Marine wife

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My boyfriend is now in week 11 of his Royal Marine Training dating a royal marine commando i have been browsing the internet for some advice and came across your feed. I will be 21 aswell and i do feel ready to settle down but dont want to leave my home town and job and friends! And do they get holiday, like other jobs, that they can take when they need to do so Even though i am used to him being away, training is proving okay as i do get to talk to him pretty much every day unless he is out on excersise!

I am just longing to know what life after training is going to entail for us. My H2B is in the royal marines and has been for dating a royal marine commando years although we've only been together 3. If your boyfriend is stationed in a standard unit and not deployed overseas then they do get the weekends off most of the time. Obviously depending on how far away his unit is based will make a big difference to whether he will amke it home or not.

Most of the units are based in the Southwest, with 2 units up in Scotland. I was very lucky dating a royal marine commando met h2B whilst he was based close to my hometown but he is now based 2. He comes home every weekend but is just about to go off on a promotion course which is 11 weeks with little chance for home visits. Most units finish on a friday lunchtime so it makes travelling back a little easier. I have made the decision that dating a royal marine commando we are married I will relocate to be with him, which will mean sacrificing my job and being close to my family but it is a choice I am willing to make to be with him everyday.

They do get holiday but not like a "normal" job. In most units they are entitled to 3 weeks leave in August, 2 weeks at christmas and 2 weeks at easter. But the dates aren't flexible When we planned our wedding he had to speak to his commanding officer and find out if there were any training deployments scheduled in. They normally know upto 2 years in advance. Fortunately he is currently in a non-deploying unit so the chances were fairly slim. However this doesn't take into account any unplanned operations world war 3 etc.

Basically wedding insurance was a must and you have to be aware that things may have to change. We are actually having our reception at the royal marine museum so they have been very understanding about our possibe need to rearrange. Hope this helps, and apologies for waffling on. My boyfriend has just left for his basic RM training today not coping so well. Can anyone help me and give me a rough idea on how much I will get to see him!

Did you have the experience as I have? My Royal Marine emailed me during daytime and nightitme for three months when he was in England. Even when he had light exrcises he used to email me from dating a royal marine commando office. He is a Lieutenant. Then since he got deployed in Afghanistan he became detached during his last week in England. And dating a royal marine commando he does not contact me from Afghanistan.

It is unnerving from adjusting me to email me every day during morning times and night times dating a royal marine commando cut off communication with me so abruptly while he is deployed in Afghanistan. However he had promised me many times that he will email me from Afghanistan. He did not do it yet. He is two weeks in Helmand by now.

He could be, er, busy? Comms might not be good? Or he's been stringing you along? You know him best, have you met his family or friends? I found that my boyfriend was very distant when coming home during training, however when I spoke to him about it he acctually didn't know why! I think that the transition between work and home is something they find hard to adjust to. The best thing for you to do is be honest, speak to him and show your support and confirm you are in it for the long haU. Hi, My boyfriend started his training a few weeks ago and I have not dating a royal marine commando much contact which worries me, at the same time I know he has a lot on.

Can they have much contact??? He has messaged saying he is busy and will contact me when he has some leave. Just finding it hard as we have not been together long at all. My boyfriend is in the RAF. We met when he was on a three year deployment don't get worried girls - that's only if they apply for a long term overseas posting which he was single at the time and met me! We have been together nearly three years and are living together in civvie street we have chosen not to get married just because he is in the forces!

We will when we are ready not because of his job! We now have been in the UK together were we are both from for just over a year. When he is 'home' he stays in the flat we rent and drives to work each morning. He usually goes away for a week or two here at random times throughout the year. He's been to Afghan once and is now away for 6 months again. We whapsapp most days and send a picture a day. Can be of something silly like me drinking a glass of wine for 'us' cos I know he can't drink where he is!

You make it work if you want it too Sorry to post on here but all the other sites I tried were rubbish! I'm basically seeing a RM. I'm not sure where its going yet dating a royal marine commando he seems keen and I really like him. He's based in a SW station. Are RMs into relationships or not? I really don't want just a 'fling', I like him a lot and he seems to like me! Impossible to generalise like that. It's like asking if all secretaries like chocolate ice cream or not.

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