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HOME e STORE BLOG LESSONS Dating peavey classic 30 eBOOK. Forum Front Page Register Here. Thread Pravey Show Printable Version Subscribe daring this Thread… Display Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode. Join Date Feb Posts Peavey Classic 30 My cousin dad just recently pass away, and left him a bunch of guitars and amps. Out of all this stuff, was a Peavey Classic 30 a newer model, I think.

Anyway my cousin wont play nothing but Hiwatt and Fender. He thinks Peavey is for cowboys and Southern Gospel Bands. He told me if I would give him a bucks and pay for shipping I could have it. Have any you guys ever played this amp, and could it be cool for Jazz. The amp look like it had hardly ever been used according to him, his dad was a big Evans man.

He played a Gibson ES with Lollar pickups last I knew. Sorry about rambling on, Radioactive isotopes in carbon dating need to know about the classic Chito View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage. Join Date May Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Posts You can never go wrong with the Peavey Classic I've had my C30 since and it has served me on all sorts of bands that I've been involved with the last 6 years, from country to rock and now to the lounge music that my latest band play.

Just to let you know, I've replaced the speaker on mine with a Weber Blue Dog ceramic which even made it a better amp. Recently I bought a Fender DRRI only because Xating felt I was missing the Fender clean sound. Interestingly enough after I bought it and played it side by side with the C30, I'm surprised the difference in sound played clean was not that much.

Join Date Jul Location KC area Posts 4, I completely agree with Chito. One of the best all amp series Peavey has ever come out with. It is one of the most perfect bar band amps I have ever run across. Sounds good, reliable and not very pricey. As far as jazz goes, I have not tried to play such thru one, but I don't see why not. I had one, bought new back around '95? Used it for a loud band of out of tune basement rockering.

It was popular amongst the studio mates, for me it just made dating peavey classic 30 mistakes louder. Sold it a couple years ago for more then I paid for it. Picked up a micro cube, my ears are happy. Join Date Mar Location Loudonville, NY Posts My teacher gigs it with his trio and solo stuff. He uses a PRO, the C30, and a few pedals for the trio work-- fusion stuff, as well as standards. He used to use a Twin, but hated carrying it, switched to a Princeton, but liked the Classic more.

Join Date Jun Location On a Dating peavey classic 30 near Bytown Posts If you don't buy it, send me his address and I'll give him bucks for it. A very good amp that needs a couple of tweaks to be a GREAT amp. Can't go wrong with a C30!!! I got mine 17 years ago and still playing it every time I practice. I plug this head in a homemade reazer's-edge style cab with Eminence delta speaker in it and Join Date Jul Location outskirts of Portland, Oregon Posts I think the Classic 30 is a really good amp capable of producing speed dating gympie kinds of jazz guitar tones.

Join Date Feb Location wpg,mb. I purchase the amp this Dating peavey classic 30, so I should be getting it soon. Ill let you all know what I think of it when I get it. I think it will sound good with my all mahogany body and neck Datinng LG. I loaded it with some early 60s Gibson P 90s. I'm sure you will love it specially with the P90s.

I've been playing guitars with P90s exclusively nowadays, be it archtop or solid. All of them work well with the C View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Join Date May Location Denmark Posts I just bought one today myself: I was on the look for a new little tube amp, and chose C30 over a fender blues junior Try plugging a semi-hollow into the C30's clean channel, Bass on 7, Mid on 5, Treble on 5 or 6, reverb on 4, then roll a little tone sating on your guitar's neck pickup datign On my setup that dating peavey classic 30 pretty jazzy!

Nice, thick, clear, and organic tone. Great buy and I highly recommend it. Furthermore it's unbelievably loud! You'll never worry about getting heard anymore. Doctor Jeff View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Join Date Apr Location Omaha, NE Posts 2, I had one a few years ago. Great amp for the money--I would say it excels at rock and blues, but there's no reason it shouldn't work for jazz if you like tube amps. I would point out it is quite heavy--aboutso you're not going to enjoy lugging it from room to room or carrying it long distances.

Second, it is very loud. At home I was never able to turn dating peavey classic 30 up past 3 without breaking windows, annoying the neighbors, etc. I wish I had gotten a Classic 20 when they still made them, as that would have suited dating peavey classic 30 needs for a living room amp much better. Actually the Classic 30 weighs 39 pesvey. Pretty manageable compared to the amp I'm using right now which is OK, my mistake, it just FELT like It is still an awkward clasic to lug around by the handle.

They should put wheels and pull-handles on them like luggage. The Classic 30 is about the size of a Fender Princeton Watermelon Man After You've Gone Solo Guitar Chord Solo Over F Jazz Blues Minor 7th Chords Solar Guitar Dting and Comping Brazilian Jazz Guitar Licks Rating Jazz Guitar Triads Playing Over a Drone Pedal Maiden Voyage Chords Grant Green Soloing Gypsy Jazz Guitar Arpeggios and Picking. Join our Facebook Page. Back to Mobile Site.

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