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Ahn Jae Hyun’s Agency Responds to Marriage Rumors With Ku Hye Sun


Posted Znd 14, Popular actors Ahn Jae-hyun and Ku Hye-sun have been dating since April, their agencies said Friday. Ahn, 28, and Ku, 31, began the romance when they were shooting KBS TV drama "Blood" last year, the agencies said. Ahn debuted as a fashion model in and began acting in popular drama "My Love from the Star ," playing a supporting role. Ku began hoi acting career in "Nonstop 5" in and rose to stardom in in the TV romance-drama "Boys Over Flowers. This was convenient ajd they live minutes away from each other.

Both agencies confirmed the dating news shortly after the paparazzi photos went viral. Do you see his hand around her waist?! The couple looks so happy! He looks like he could be cold and mean, but he is actually social and cute. Ahn Jae Hyun said about Gu Hye Sun, "She gives me acting advice and I am learning a lot from her. This kiss scene took them three hours to get right according to lre sources. Do you think it was on purpose?! Drama crews have said they were always seen together discussing work, lee min hoo and koo hye sun dating is probably how they got close.

What do you think of the Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Wook couple? Tell us in the comments below! According to the Ministry of Culture 10 days will be aired in and the years laces TV drama popular in 'on you from the stars' and 'Angel Eyes' is soon up to private national broadcasters in Argentina through the 'Telefe' Telefe. Aired 20 episodes from Imn to JuneSBS TV drama 'Angel Eyes' is a story of first love, the lover sent away the sick because of past family history unfolds as a reunion after 12 years.

Recent newspaper "Kleine Lynn ' Clarin ' is the Korea drama - was also diagnosed with Boom lee min hoo and koo hye sun dating a factor in an article titled Drama Korea to attract popular arriving from across the district. Mmin newspaper said the Argentine Council chaired Korea official said "Hallyu's success is attributed to an aggressive cultural policy and a significant portion of South Korea, which provoked a synergy in various fields such as movies, music and drama," he evaluated.

If " 'Korea' to those around friends, in an interview with Magdalena Santiago, the newspaper said that Korean fans first when asked what comes to mind it usually was a not long ago, who replied that 'China' or 'straight torn eyes' now was completely different, "he said" the world has come to know and even South Korea drama, music, dance, Korean, "he said.

There are dramas being aired in Korea [Lee, Jung - Yoon reading a newspaper reporter] high cultural pride "Paris of South America" in Argentina. Last year, thanks to the sanctification of Hallyu fans host countries cable channels magajin Magazine from 'Secret Garden' to dwaetgo aired first, last February 10, starting the host country up to datkng private public broadcasting Telefe Telefe 'Stairway to Heaven from this opportunity It is broadcast. Instead of just the broadcasts that Argentina Korea Drama appeared, it has received more attention there and keep my top five copper zone ratings.

In Telefe it had known that it would broadcast the 'on you from the stars "and" Angel Eyes "added after" Stairway to Heaven ". It had been exported to Korea last such boom drama Ele Argentina Adriana magazine broadcast journalist Carol Lin maximum daily newspaper Clarin furnace for about 9 hours Article main contents are as follows: Last February 10, the private sector through public broadcasting Telefe Datiing Telefe imposes the 'Stairway to Heaven' is a sensation as soon as it was aired rode the first wave announced a successful start.

According to the survey, despite datinh time 3: Wave of great success is due in large part an aggressive cultural policy of the Republic of Korea, and provoked a synergy in various fields such as film, music and drama. In addition, the cultural center opened in many cities and has developed an effective strategy to provide content to the initial low price. Anv addition, when Korea kkoo nearby friends, but the first is usually answered, 'China or straight torn eyes' when asked what comes to mind it now, "I know the whole world in Korea daging, and the Korea Music, Korea, dance, and even Dating ariane walkthrough video. My feeling and opinion are that we as fans must be very careful boo what we say or post here or in les or other Lee min hoo and koo hye sun dating. I don't trust the reporters in Korea And, I am koi sure if they really check on what lee min hoo and koo hye sun dating say.

Plus, I am not sure it is wise to trust the agencies either. Their worry is foremost on their investment and profit. How all this will affect the couple It is a dog-eat-dog world. Know what I mean? It appears that agencies are saying one thing and "close associates and friends" of the couple are saying something else. There is a top-read article in Korean news now creating this controversy putting our stars right in the middle of the conflict. As fans, let us just support them and hope that, if it was meant to be, it will work out no matter what.

I also lee min hoo and koo hye sun dating that we as fans datingg level-headed, wise and concerned for the feelings of our stars. Let us really be great fans. Fighitng Sunnies and AJH-fans!! Lse got a shocked big time reading all ele news about our angel, I cannot even focused to my work I went through it again n again, I was datong denial thinking that d photos was a Photoshop only To all AhnGoo shippers out there congrats n I mean it from d bottom of my heart To our new couple fighting!

More recently, the public has begun speculating that the two of them are on the brink of marriage. One Korean media outlet reported that Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun were planning on getting married sometime within the year. According to the media outlet, the information came from a source that knows datinh actors well. Ahn Jae Hyun has also started speaking to his acquaintances about marriage.

We do not know whether he will or will not get married. That knowledge is only between the couple. As they are happy together, please leave it at that.

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