How do you hook up a sprint airave

Help with connecting Sprint Airave 2.5 Airvana to Cisco Valet

Airave Set Up and Troubleshooting

Last updated August 12, Use this if your Airave's internal antenna doesn't get a signal for GPS lock. This is indicated by a Tou RED GPS LED for more than 40 minutes. SOLID GREEN indicates GPS lock. Before trying the External setup, wait about minutes for the Airave to w a How do you hook up a sprint airave fix after initial setup. Take down what all the LED lights on your Airave are doing i.

GPS is blinking red or solid green and then get in touch with us so we can help you out. After months of providing great indoor 3G coverage, my AIRAVE 2. The back of the device has AIRAVE Help Desk in red letters. I decided to call them to see if they could help me. I was told that power adapters failing is a known issue, and they offered to send a free replacement power adapter. The new power adapter is on its way to me, no cost! This FAQ does not address the situation of someone having a separate wireless router in addition to the cable modem.

In such a configuration, the Airave setup instructions dictate that you plug the Airave into the cable modem and then the wireless router into the Airave. If someone wants to have a direct wired connection to airage cable modem, how would this how do you hook up a sprint airave configured? I'm finding that sprnt I use a direct wire from the wireless router, my throughput is less than when I am directly connected to the cable vo. I suspect it must be due to the added layers 2 devices off.

You can buy a small 5 port switch and x it in between your wireless router and your modem. This will allow a direct connection for both to your modem. Mobile Internet Blog About Help Ting mobile Support Sign Up Chat Start chat Email Submit w request Airqve Service Status Mobile Forums Mobile Knowledgebase.

Ting fiber internet Support Sign Up Airavd Start chat Email Submit a request Internet Service Status Internet Forums Internet Knowledgebase. Airave Set Up and Troubleshooting Follow Last updated August 12, Setup Disconnect the power from all devices on your network including the cable or DSL modem and router. Place the Airave close to a window and somewhere how do you hook up a sprint airave located, preferably elevated.

Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the available LAN port on your modem and the other end of the ethernet connection to the Airave WAN port. Turn on your modem. Wait a couple of minutes for the modem to fully initialize before continuing setup. Plug the power supply connector into the back of the Airave. Plug the other end into an electrical outlet. External GPS Antenna Setup Use this if your Airave's internal antenna doesn't get a signal for GPS lock.

Remove the GPS antenna module from the gook of the D. Connect the GPS cord to the antenna module and the Airave. Place the external GPS antenna horizontally on a flat surface as close to a window as possible. The antenna works best in an open area where it can easily pick up signals. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Activation If how do you hook up a sprint airave unable to get your recently activated Airave working, go through the following steps: Unplug all cables and power cords from all devices Airave, modem, router in any order.

DON'T connect any power cords at this point. Akrave the Airave into an electrical outlet. Plug your cable or DSL modem into an electrical outlet. Ohw an Airave If an Airave has been working, problem-free and stops working, try resetting it. Use a paper clip or pin to push and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds. The Airave will go through an automated sequence during which the device's LEDs will be sold for a few seconds and then all LEDs will turn off until the software loads.

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How to Set Up Sprint Airave

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