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The Avedis Zildjian company started making K Zildjian cymbals in a factory in Medutic, Canada in Zildjiam brought a few cymbalsmiths from Istanbul to Canada at the time. This article provides some discussion of it:. Modern Drummer 3 2: Later inAvedis Armand Zildjian and his cousin Mikhail Zilcan cymballs died, and everything changed. Within a few years the Canadian factory would be producing Sabians, and the A Zildjian Company would make K Zildjians in Norwell, Massachusetts.

For a few years, they produced hand-hammered cymbals and thus they are included here. This is common on EAK cymbals, but sating are also EAKs that have the words written in right side up. After years of asking around I finally got to the right place…. But ctmbals of the pictures show machine grooves…. A finely lathed datingg may lack tonal grooves after the final lathing, whereas an unlathed cymbal will be very rough and heavy in weight, and it will sound very different.

The only difference is mine actually says Zildjian on the bottom instead of having the huge Zkldjian like it does on the top. Was that something that was zildjiaj with some of them? Sorry Alex, but it sounds like you have a cymbal from after the EAK era. There are plenty of wonderful cymbals from that also seem to have irregular hammering and the similar stamp, but only the ones with a big K on both sides qualify as EAK. I personally own several eAKs from the mids. It shows Gadd holding an EAK.

Now, I know it could be an old cymbal, but better evidence of a mids EAK would be these: They very easily dating zildjian k cymbals have daying Ks with the big K on the bottom. I think one is not part and parcel with the other. Except for the hand-hammering part. They are nothing like EAKs….

Thanks for sharing this information, Tad, but I respectfully disagree that this image is an EAK. They all sound great. Do you accept submissions of stamp photos? I imagine, if you do, you must have plenty. Also, some super clean Zenjian, Alejian, Abex, Zilco, Stanople, Conn, Zilrjian, Kamala, etc. Thank you for posting the photos I sent and adding your expert comments.

I will share any Cymbalic uniquities I happen upon in the future. Any advice would be helpful. Zildjian began etching serial numbers into their cymbals inmaking them easier to date. Each serial number begins with two characters, and these characters represent the last two digits of the year which the cymbal was manufactured. Yes, there were in fact A Zildian cymbals made in the Canada factory before the K brand was brought over. My understanding is that the A cymbals were made with the same process as those in the USA, so the main difference is the stamp.

This is annie from Dating zildjian k cymbals Jinshengyuan Musical Instrument Co. We produce all kinds of percussion and wind instruments,such as Cymbals,Guitars,Drums,Saxophones,Flutes and so on. We also supply OEM Services for you. Our products have been dating zildjian k cymbals all over the world and highly appreciated by our costomers both home and abroad. If you would like,we can send some samples for your test.

Our products include high grade,medium grade. Then we can recommend the most suitable model with our best quotations cumbals you. Best regars and look forward to your early reply. Annie Zhangqiu Jinshengyuan Musical Instrument Factory TEL: I have all the original price lists, on 1 June there are NO K dating zildjian k cymbals in the catalog, only Avedis Zildjian. In there are Avedis Zildjians, K Zildjians and Amir cymbals. Thank you for your comment. I have heard that EAKs were first introduced to the market in late My understanding is that when the senior Ziljians died, the A company began producing Dafing in Cykbals, and the Canadian lines eventually lead to Sabian.

Also, I dating zildjian k cymbals hesitant to attribute EAK status to the later cymbals to I realize this is controversial. From the info gathered from this site is suspect it is a Canadian produced cymbal. Cymbal Stamp Timelines Images and Dates of the World's Vintage Cymbals. This article provides some discussion of it: Underside of the Canada K has a medium sized letter K with a font that uses serifs. Reverse side of the same cymbal.

This is the distinguishing characteristic of the EAK. This photo shows the irregular hammering pattern. Note the hammer marks on the bell, and the datiny K on the bottom side of the cymbal. This is the stamp in the bronze, which is not useful for determining the age of aildjian cymbal. The same stamp was used for machine made cymbals in the following years. Brad Henry Brad Henry, January 12, Rob ScottJanuary 13, Rob ScottMarch 3, Tad McCullyCjmbals 10, Tad McCullyJune 11, Rob Scott dating zildjian k cymbals, July 5, Brian, October 5, Ed CampbellJuly datung, RobAugust 1, Ed CampbellAugust 12, Chuck Boenisch, August 13, RobAugust 25, Dave F, November 18, DattingNovember 19, AnnieDecember 10, RobFebruary 16, Gordon Tate, March 20, Vin Pearson, Dating zildjian k cymbals 22, Leave a comment name required.

Cymbal Stamp Timelines Images and Dates of the World's Vintage Cymbals K Zildjian — Canada and US Izldjian. Canadian K Zildjians

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