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Kate Cadogan

A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. Does matty b have a girlfriend? Click to show oldest hidden comments. Click to show newest hidden comments. Yes I have a girlfriend. I'm dating Jordan Jones! No he dose not. I dunno if he has a girlfriend but one day i hope it'll be me. No because if you watch maddy b boyfriend at the end he says i am to young for a girlfriend. Probably, because he is so CUTE!

And who doesn't like a SUPER CUTE RAPPER! I know I do! It's not any of us but I'm his age witch is 10 s back off: Will mattyB ever go out with me. He could have a girlfriend. But there is just so much beautiful girls out there to choose from and I bet Matty B has one in mind. You might be that girl for him. Dqting is what kind of girlfriend Matty wants. He want a girlfriend who has a good smile ad a good sense of humor.

Someone aand is sporty and artistic. A girl who is chatty and talented. I hope you are that girl. Mattyb do u have mzttyb girl. A GIRL WHO IS HE'S AGE IS A GOOD MATCH! I AM ONLY 10 AND I THINK HE IS GOING TO MARRY ME. Has he ever met you? I don't think so! Yes it's Martha Davis. Nope, it's me, I'm not kidding. Mattyb does not have kats girlfriend I hope.

I am still holding out for him to like boys No, in the video of Boyfriend said "Young for have girlfriend". Well, what I have heard is that he is dating some girl named Kerry. But it may not be true. Sharron Perkins, since today!: YES my little sisters same age as Matty B friend is dating him her name is Grace Meyer. NO WAY If u are his GF than when was he born where does xre live do u live with no do you sleep with him NO do you make out with him NO has he even kiss u yet on the lips not cheek!!!!

I think he shouldn't cuz hes Yes matt b has a girlfriend! Yes he does but I love him how unfortunate: Yes etill does shen0 lives in new york her ajd is Briana. I am his girl friend and I am friends with maddi Jane xx. I hope not cause I hav a total crush on him. No he dosen i hope. I wonder if you want to go out. I am sure he has a girlfriend I mean cating at him. I am matty girlfriend.

I hope not he is so hot. Yes he does have an gf and in fact her name is sklar something xxi think. I don't want to break your heart or anything but matty b is my boyfriend. Matty B is quite adorable but for those B-girls in GA you could at least get to know him and be friends are mattyb and kate still dating 2014 you fall "in love" with him Yes it selina rayn reavely.

I hope not he's super cute though so he probably does: Yes im his girlfriend. Na, but he told me, FYI I do know him, that he likes benedicte phlilus. MattyB please tell me the truth. You got to tell your fans if you have a girlfriend I know I will be crying for a long time but please tell me. Yes I'm his girl friend. Well as a fact Anv think he does have one. That is because in all of his movies he loves a particular girl!

And sometimes it is 2 girls or more like a group of people. Get your fucking minds straight. He is mother mucking 10 years old. You idiots, you other girls want him to be single so you can date him. You mattyg like eight years older you perverts. By the time you are dead he won't even have pubic hair. God people this days are 20014 too much drugs if they are asking to date a 9 year old as 24 year olds.

Cough cough child molester. Mattyb does have a girlfriend named Kate she is in almost all of his music videos. Yes her name is kate. I 20114 not but he is way to cute to not have a girlfriend. He does because mostly all of those songs he sings with all of those girls hat means stilll he has a girlfriend and her name is KATEB or KATTIEB stilll like that I know it starts with a Kate okay there's the real and actual answer thanx have a great day mattyb love yah bye: Idk but if he does or not get out of his business kk.

I hope he dont because hes hot and I'm are mattyb and kate still dating 2014 right now so call me baby love u your so sexy. I don't know but I think he and Skylar should date. Srill think he might be dating Jordan Jones because she is in like olmost every youtube video he makes. If He Dose Free waiting and dating by myles munroe pdf Don't I Got Your Back. 204 has no girlfriend, to find out just search in youtube matty b and jack truth or dare And you will mathyb out the answer.

Yes its that slutty piece of shit Jordan Jones. Right now he is probably jacking off to gay porn. If Matty B has a girlfriend it's ok. It does not matter of his looks and plus u do not know him maby that much. Y are are mattyb and kate still dating 2014 so upsesed with mattyb no one is going out with him but jordan jones. Is said on mqttyb Internet that he is dating Jordan jones. I think he has a girlfriend because he's is a boy what do you expect from a boy.

Hi matty b is going to be mine i love him are mattyb and kate still dating 2014 is a sweet heart to every one. Maddy b raps is way to hot to date ugly girls like yourselves he dating me,a hot young lady just being her self. Can you call me. How old are you. I think he has. I would be sad if he does and it is not me. I want to be ,attyb his next video. Locanto dating nellore is Matty b's Number I wanna get to know him I love his voice and he's so amazing.

I think mattyb is dating who he wants and if u don't like it than Get datin life cuz u shouldn't be worried about some boy I don't think he does he sitll is more concerned with his music he is a very good singer!!! MATTY IZ MINE SO BACK OFF BIRCHES. People stop fighting over him hes his own person and he is not dating so girls he did jattyb kiss u he did not ask u out Dont treat him like Justin bieber yeah Matty b us a lil cute but i don't even know anything about him i have friends who are oppsessed with him and to everyone in the world get over it stop acting like he is yours because i know one thing and that's a fact he is dating Katf and if he truly loves her he won't leave her to a person whos his fan who im pretty sure she will kill everyone who likes him no you Dont like some one for how they look its what matters inside them and mattyn you datin to choose one girl and focuse on her because if you keep getting girls and girls your are mattyb and kate still dating 2014 a little kid and so am i you have middle school high mqttyb and even collage if you get all the girls in the future no one will want you thanks everyone i hope u learned something today im Penelope and im 11 years old add me in Facebook.

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