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The Amishby A. Aurand, [], at sacred-texts. When a man marries he asks not of the girl: Bundling, or Courting in Bed. But we wonder whether his statistics are reliable. Perhaps he just wanted to be quoted. Bundling was condoned in the Old Testament, if one takes the time to look up the Book of Ruth to prove it; and if it was the custom then among the Jews for "men and women to lie on the same bed, as lovers, without undressing," then we have little doubt but that our plain friends used the same methods for getting couples into a convivial mood and a convenient embrace.

Our New England friends said that "bundling" was swartzentruber amish dating rules "economic necessity" we prefer to believe that their prudishness made them say that, when in their hearts they knew that bundling was economically "convenient. The plain people could have safely used several methods prescribed for bundling boys and girls in bed. Hence, when we have it on good authority from the Amish direct that they bundle, and from Mennonites that they bundle, then we suppose it is fair to presume that they do so.

Bundling yoseob iu dating Mifflin County. In the same neighborhood, should illegitimate births occur, not necessarily the result of any bundling episodes, the mother is required to go before the church body, and there confess to the various incidents of her past—with whom, when and where.

This compares with legal processes in courts today when the issue is without "benefit of the law and clergy". Such confessions are made freely, no persuasion being necessary; it is said that marriages readily take place just after such confessions. There seems to be less of the "sinfulness" thus attached to an honest confession, than would be the case among non-Amish. These people are human; they know the emotions and passions of swartzentruber amish dating rules and the method of reproduction, and are they to be censored for an occasional misstep in nature, when others constantly are enjoying the swartzentruber amish dating rules bed without the benefit of "license?

The authorities governing the church naturally attend to all these cases, and numerous others falling within the scope of their "meeting. A Mennonite college professor told the author some years ago that bundling is practiced among his people, not only in the States, but also in Canada, and that they bundle in the "good old-fashioned way"—the manner of which we shall leave to the imagination of the reader.

What is true of Canada, goes for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and other states. Bundling in the old manner is more difficult to locate nowadays than formerly, because the "professional bundlers," or the travelling salesmen are not visiting the sections where it may be found—hence the "news" is harder to "get out. Many persons speak of the "blue gate" as though they were speaking of a house of ill-fame, when they tell.

The Mennonites and some of the Amish just cannot help having their homes, their yards and front fences looking spic and span. What else would keep the latter in better condition than fresh paint? Blue is swartzentruber amish dating rules favorite color and it has religious significance. So where there is a blue gate swartzentruber amish dating rules may be a girl eligible for marriage.

Bundling is a convenient way to court—not necessarily the "last straw" to get rid of a daughter. It is nitro circus jolene dating honorable custom, and has been practiced in all countries and in swartzentruber amish dating rules ages. The custom at one time was to place the girls in bags and to allow their "fellows," or beaux, to crawl into bed with them. Certainly it must have been a lot more comfortable to "court a girl in bed" than on an old sofa or an old, hard, wood-box!

Marriages usually take place on Tuesday or Thursday, at the home of the bride. It is customary, although not obligatory, to announce a contemplated marriage usually two weeks before-hand, probably to afford her more time for removing "hope chests" and such other items as a plain girl would have collected, to her new home, and to allow her the extra preparations for the wedding dinner.

A wedding means, besides the marriage ceremony, a day of feasting and good times lasting into the night. This practice seems to conform to practices among the Jews. A sermon also is delivered at the wedding, at which time certain knowledge and information is imparted to the newly-weds. Now this is not an "invention" of these people! The marriage feast should be swartzentruber amish dating rules big one, and on occasion there have been prepared for a repast, as many as 10 turkeys, 10 chickens, 50 lbs.

Sometimes games of several sorts are played in the house, or outside, preferably in the barn where the swartzentruber amish dating rules were sufficient for such large numbers. Since it is usually the younger element that likes its fun, and particularly in the barn, swartzentruber amish dating rules was extremely fortunate that a wedding ceremony in Mifflin county involved an older couple, instead of a young one.

Smallpox unfortunately came to this wedding, and had it been that younger folks would have attended in goodly numbers, and had they gone afterwards to the barn to play their exciting games, one can sec an epidemic among them. A number of people in the vicinity and elsewhere in the State and nearby states were affected. An Amish Wedding in Mifflin county just a few years ago must have been interesting to behold, and we tell it as nearly as we can, as told to us.

Two weeks prior to the wedding the bride and the groom are "published" wedding announced. From that time until the wedding the groom drives from farm to farm in his buggy, inviting those whom he wishes to have attend. The marriage ceremony was held in a neighbor's home of the bride. Swartzentruber amish dating rules parents of neither the bride or groom attended the ceremony, according to ritual.

The bride and groom were taken by the main preacher who unites them in marriageto a room by swartzentruber amish dating rules and asked them questions— would these have to deal with sex as we note to be the case with Jews? Then following them were two bridesmaids and two best men. The services lasted about three-and-a-half hours, and three or four preachers spoke, then called on different others.

After that the big meal! The meal, or dinner, is swartzentruber amish dating rules at the bride's home; everything you want to eat or look at.

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